Connecting to a Network Drive

Connecting, also known as mapping, to a network drive in Windows Explorer can make accessing the drive easier and quicker. For more information on how to connect to a network drive, select the operating system of choice.

  • Windows

    Click on the folder icon in the taskbar button or select press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer.

    Open Windows Explorer 

    Select Map network drive from the toolbar of Windows Explorer.

    Windows Explorer  

    Enter in the information requested to map the file share and select Finish.

    Map Network Drive 

    Note: It does not matter what drive letter is selected. If this is a file share that will be used regularly, keep the “Reconnect at logon” option checked.

  • Mac

    Click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server, (or press Command+K).


    The Connect to Server window will open. Type the location (example: smb://winfscommon/common) in the Server Address area. Click Connect.

    Note: You can add regularly visited file share locations as a favorite by clicking the add (+) button to the right of the Server Address area. The location will then save under Favorite Servers.


    Once you’re connected, your Network Drive will be found in the Finder window under Locations.


    To have your Network Drive connect automatically connect when you login, go to System Settings.

    Note: You must have already mapped to your Network Drive before doing this.


    Search for "Log In Items" and select the Open at Login option. 


    Click on the + sign underneath the Open at Login screen on the right hand side.Not Mapped

    Select your drive from the list and click Open.


    They will now appear in the automatic login list.