Role of the Senate

The Faculty Senate at Sam Houston State University was established in 1958 in order to develop fully the freedom of discussion, participation, and examination of ideas by faculty, students and administration in the search for truth. 

The Faculty Senate shall consider matters of general welfare to the University placed before it by members of the faculty, members and committees of the Faculty Senate, the Student Association, and the President of the University and other administrative officers of the University.

The Senate seeks to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and excellence by:

  • Advocating faculty viewpoints on all issues in which faculty are stakeholders;
  • Promoting communication between faculty, staff, students and administrators;
  • Making recommendations on university policy and procedural issues;
  • Soliciting faculty perceptions, suggestions and recommendations;
  • Seeking accurate date for use in advocating positions important to the faculty; and,
  • Assuring faculty participation at all levels of university governance.

The senate meets to conduct business on Thursday twice a month at 3:30 pm during the academic year and once during the summer in the Austin Hall. All meetings are open to the public. Agendas and minutes are posted on the Faculty Senate website and distributed via e-mail.