Advisory Board

Career & Academic Success Advising Board


Mission of the Board:

    • Build collaboration and strengthen relationships among faculty and staff at The Woodlands Center.
    • Inform faculty and staff of programs and services available to support all students' success through Career Services, the Academic Success Center, and other Student & Academic Services.
    • Bridge the gap of services for students attending The Woodlands Center and incoming transfer students from Lone Star College by exchanging program and event information to best meet the needs of each student

Board Members:

Dr. Andrea Foster

Associate Professor

Science Education

Dr. Jeffrey Sullivan

Associate Professor

Department of Counselor Education

Dr. Juan C. Lebron

Supervisor/Faculty Counselor/Professor

Lone Star College-Montgomery TRAC Center

Dr. John Newbold

Associate Professor


Dr. Lydia C. Fox


McNair Scholars Program

Dr. Stephanie Bluth

Program Coordinator IV

Graduate Studies

Ashley Pruitt

Assistant Academic Advisor

Sam Center

Christopher Arcos

Transfer Academic Advisor

Sam Center

Forstine Morris

Nursing Resource Coach

School of Nursing

Gene Roberts


Student Legal Services

Matthew Samford

Director of Advising and Counseling

Lone Star College-Montgomery

Roberta Ardoin

Vet Success Counselor

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Vivian Carlson

Assistant to the Chair

Security Studies, College of Criminal Justice