"Difference in Preparedness: Do School Staff Feel Prepared for an Active Shooter or Attack?"
The 2020 Texas Educators’ Needs Assessment Regarding School Safety and Victims Services included responses from educators across the state of Texas regarding school safety. This needs assessment generated data that provided researchers with the unique opportunity to analyze the school safety issues in Texas (Fuller et al, 2020). The purpose of the study was to evaluate Texas K-12 educators responses to their school’s preparedness for an active attack or shooter using data from that needs assessment. To build a strong analysis, the results were separated into three categories: educator role; Texas school regions; and urbanicity. Pearson chi square statistical analysis was used to create an understanding of the data. The results of this analysis revealed a trend that a majority of K-12 educators felt prepared for an active attack or shooter.

The Results of the Educator Preparation Program COVID-19 Response Survey
The pandemic affected many professions around the nation, particularly those in healthcare and education. From schools closing to an entire year of virtual or hybrid teaching, current and future educators have faced many challenges. At Sam Houston State University, the Educator Preparation Program continued to work with Field Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers to train Pre-service Teachers despite the obstacles for the 2020-2021 academic school year. The purpose of this survey was to collect ideas about what worked in COVID-19 response and how the Pre-service Teacher training experience was impacted.