College Advisory Committee

The STEM Center is grateful to the The College of Science and Engineering Technology (CoSET) for its support.  In particular, several faculty members have agreed to serve on the College Advisory Board.  These faculty members will, among other things,

• provide context specific to their department when developing student research opportunities;
• assist with recruiting faculty members to be involved with active learning efforts;
• answer questions regarding curriculum in a particular department; and
• help recruit student teaching assistants for either summer prep courses or active learning courses in the long semesters.

The committee consists of:
Dr. James Dent, Dept. of Physics
Dr. James Harper, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Dr. Li-Jen Lester, Dept. of Computer Science
Dr. Velvet Nelson, Dept. of Geology and Geography
Dr. Todd Primm, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Dr. Recayi Pecen, Dept. of Engineering Technology
Dr. Nibert Saltibus, Dept. of Engineering Technology
Dr. Ken Smith, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Darren Williams, Dept of Chemistry