Dr. James Harper


Associate Professor

Office:  Life Sciences Building 300E

phone: +1 936 294 1543

I am a broadly trained comparative physiologist that utilizes whole animal and in vitro models in my research; these include rodents and insects, as well as primary and immortalized cell lines.  Past research has: (1) examined the relationship between cellular stress resistance and vertebrate longevity using primary cell lines derived from mammals, birds and reptiles; (2) endocrine and immune predictors of longevity within mice; (3) the impact of nutritional interventions on rodent longevity; and (4) fecal steroids as indicators of stress and reproductive function in laboratory and free-living populations of rodents.

Ongoing research in the lab focuses on: (1) the biology of aging; and (2) the effects of plasticizing agents on physiological function. In addition, I have an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Jeff Wozniak to study osmoregulation in blue crab populations from varying habitats, as well as the development of urine-based metabolic and endocrine assessments of captive and free-living rodent populations.  More recently, I joined an interdisciplinary research consortium that is seeking genetic, immunological and endocrine factors that are correlated with the mental health status of individuals and populations.

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