2021 STEM Center Teaching Enhancement Grant

2021 Teaching Enhancement Grant Recipients

Please feel free to review prior STEM Center Mini-Grant recipient applications below: 

Dr. Adrian Villalta-Cerdas – Chemistry Dept.

Integration of virtual chemical experiences into General Chemistry II via ChemCollective Labs.

Dr. Dustin Gross – Chemistry Dept.

Flipping the organic chemistry prelab meeting

Dr. Ebrahim Karen – Engineering Technology Dept.

Enhancing students problem solving skills through blended learning

Dr. Hacer Varol – Computer Science Dept.

Developing a Student-Friendly Mobile Device Programming Editor to Increase Female Student Retention

Dr. Jessica Bedore – Agricultural Sciences Dept.

Developing Math Skills in Equine Science Students through Using Relevant Business Applications

Dr. Joseph Hill – Environmental and Geosciences Dept.

Building An Augmented Reality Sandbox

Dr. Julie Albert – Mathematics and Statistics Dept.

Foundations of Mathematics – Hands-On Practice with Educational Manipulatives

Dr. Mardelle Atkins – Biology Dept.

Living in the age of Personal Genomics -Your Privacy versus Personal or Societal Benefits (Case Study)

Dr. Philip Urso – Agricultural Sciences Dept.

Use of thermal scope to tranquilize deer for student involvement

Dr. Steven Hegwood – Chemistry Dept.

Supplementing Existing General Chemistry Laboratory Activities with Virtual Laboratory Experiences to Increase Student Engagement.

Dr. Sumith Yesudasan Daisy – Engineering Technology Dept.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Smart Heating and Ventilation System development for urban Houses

Dr. Ulan Dakeev – Engineering Technology Dept.

STEM Course Enhancement

Dr. William Shepperd – Physics Dept.

Physics by Discovery