2019-2020 STEM Center Learning Community


The STEM Learning Community is for students in science, technology, engineering, and math majors as an exciting opportunity for students to develop meaningful connections with peers and faculty in their academic field. A learning community is a group of students who take classes together. It will also help students succeed in coursework that is foundational to their major. 

For more information on first-year experience programs click here: First-Year Experience programs 

Why Should I Join?

By joining the STEM Learning Community, you can:

  • Make college friends fast
  • Develop valuable study groups
  • Build a support system of fellow Bearkats, professors and staff
  • Explore your interest from the start of your SHSU journey

Who Should Apply?

  • All Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors

Required Fall Classes:

  • UNIV 1301
  • CHEM 1411
  • MATH 1410

Required Spring Classes:

  • CHEM 1412
  • MATH 1420

What is UNIV 1301:

  • University 1301- Introduction to Collegiate Studies is a three-credit hour elective that has a strong concentration on career research, where students receive academic and personal survival tools, get a general orientation to the resources and services available at SHSU. UNIV 1301 is designed to help make the transition to college life successful and fun!

For more information click here: First-Year Experience programs