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Philosophy Club

Greetings to all students and lovers of Philosophy!

The purpose of Philosophy Club (The Best of All Possible Clubs) is to make the discussion of philosophical topics more accessible, and in so doing, enrich the studies and college experience of university students; as well as foster social and professional networking of like-minded individuals by creating an environment where students and faculty can explore philosophical topics together, on a more compeer level, by embracing thought, asking questions, seeking knowledge, and sharing ideas.”Our mission is to bring together the student body and community through philosophy! We want to teach individuals how philosophy is used in everyday life situations with a positive outlook. In each meeting we will have intellectually stimulating discussion about a variety of philosophical topics. Having a good time while bringing wisdom and knowledge to each other is our main goal!!!

If you are interested in the organization and will like more information please email Dr. Thomas Brommage or Dr. Maria Botera

You may also access the Philosophy Club by locating the organization on OrgLink and joining the group, "Philosophy Club".

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Phi Sigma Tau Gamma Chapter

An invitation to all students of Philosophy . . .

The Philosophy Program is now accepting applications for membership in Phi Sigma Tau, the National Honor Society in Philosophy. The local chapter is the "Texas Gamma Chapter" of Phi Sigma Tau. It was chartered in 1979 in recognition of the quality of the philosophy program at Sam Houston State University (SHSU), and membership in Phi Sigma Tau (PST) is granted to students in recognition of their scholarship and achievement in the study of philosophy.

For information about membership and more about Phi Sigma Tau, see our About Us page.