Philosophy Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Why declare a major in Philosophy? If you’re looking into a career in the law, journalism, or the academy, philosophy’s unparalleled instruction in critical thinking and logical argument is for you. If you are interested in joining numerous CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in thinking outside of the box and innovating, then philosophy is for you. And if you are looking to live the good life, ask the questions that have occupied the human imagination since time immemorial, and emerge from your undergraduate experience a better version of you, then philosophy is definitely for you.

A philosophy major is required to take both PHIL 3364: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and PHIL 3365: Modern Philosophy, as well as either PHIL 2303: Critical Thinking or PHIL 2352: Intro to Contemporary Logic as part of the minimum total of 30 semester credit hours for the Major. It is strongly recommended that these courses are completed as soon as possible after being introduced to philosophy. Given the importance of logical reasoning for philosophy and to provide the student with an in-depth acquaintance with formal logical reasoning, students choosing Philosophy as either their Minor must complete either PHIL 2303: Critical Thinking or PHIL 2352: Intro to Contemporary Logic. Philosophy majors choose an approved minor of 18 semester hours, 6 of which must be advanced. A degree plan should be arranged with the Philosophy Program Coordinator at the earliest possible time.

The Death of Socrates

The Death of Socrates by Jacques   Louis David. This painting depicts the last moments of Socrates.


    • PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy

  • Introductory Ethics
    • PHIL 2306: Contemporary Moral Issues

  • Historical Sequence
    • PHIL 3364: Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
    • PHIL 3365: Modern Philosophy

  • Logic & Critical Reasoning
    • PHIL 2303: Critical Thinking
    • PHIL 2352: Introduction to Contemporary Logic


    • PHIL 3366: Aesthetics
    • PHIL 3367: Philosophy of Religion
    • PHIL 3371: Existentialism & Self Awareness
    • PHIL 3372: Philosophy of Science
    • PHIL 3373: American Philosophy

    • PHIL 4306: Philosophy of Biology
    • PHIL 4333: Bioethics
    • PHIL 4334: Environmental Ethics
    • PHIL 4336: Philosophy of Law

    • PHIL 4361: Philosophy of Psych & Mind
    • PHIL 4363: Ethical Theories
    • PHIL 4372: Theories of Knowledge & Reality
    • PHIL 4373: Philosophy in Film & Literature
    • PHIL 4374: Philosophy of Crime & Justice
    • PHIL 4375: Feminist Philosophies
    • PHIL 4377: Philosophy of Race

    • PHIL 4380: Readings In Philosophy
    • PHIL 4385: Independent Study