Each year the Percussion Studio at SHSU hosts a number of clinics and masterclasses. Click HERE for our current SHSU event calendar.

Guest artists to date:

Joby Burgess (UK Percussionist/Peter Gabriel)
Phil O'Banion (Temple University)
Mike Clark (NYC Jazz Drummer)
Ed Soph (UNT)
Percussion Group Cincinnati
Allen Otte (CCM and PGC)
Erica Azim (Mbira artist)
Joel Laviolette and Rattletree Marimba
Mike McIntosh (Cavaliers, DCI)
Bret Kuhn (Cavaliers, DCI)
Dr. Gwen Thrasher (Michigan State University)
John Riley (NYC/Village Vanguard)
Bill Bachman (Marching Percussion Specialist)
Dr. Chris Hanning (West Chester University)
Dr. Jason Baker (Mississippi State)
Dr. Andy Bliss (U. of Tennessee)
Dr. Doug Walter (U. of Colorado)
Dr. Lonny Benoit (Macneese State University)
Dr. Gary France (Australian National University)
Dr. Stuart Gerber (Georgia State U.)
Strike 3 Percussion
Larry Lawless (Percussion Educator)
Christopher Deane (UNT)
Adam Cruz (NYC Drummer)
Ken Green (Northwestern State U.)
PULSUS (with John Lane, Christopher Deane and Brian Zator)
Ed Smith (UNT)
Darren Dyke (Austin, TX - Pan Specialist)
Ray Ullibari (Texas Music Educator/DCI)
I-Jen Fang (U. of Virginia)
Eric Willie (Tennessee Tech University)
Larry Lawless (Percussion Educator)
Jerriald Dillard (Percussion Educator)
line upon line percussion (Austin, TX)
Dr. Brett Dietz (Louisiana State University)
Pedro Fernandez (Indianapolis Symphony)
Brian Del Signore (Houston Symphony)
Svet Stoyanov (U. of Miami)
Ronni Kott Percussion Group (Brazil)
Marilyn Clark Silva (Arizona)
Dr. Norm Weinberg (U. of Arizona)

And the following composers:

John Luther Adams
David Adams
Mark Applebaum
Michael Byron
David Dzubay
Peter Garland
Kyle Gann
Monica Pearce
Marc Satterwhite