Percussion Wheel

General Admission for Undergraduate Programs:

Information concerning general undergraduate admission requirements for Sam Houston State University can be found HERE. Additional information may be found at the School of Music website.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements:

All undergraduate applicants are required to prepare the following:

  1. An etude for snare drum which displays the application of concert techniques.
  2. An etude/solo for keyboard which demonstrates two-mallet technique.
  3. An etude/solo for keyboard which demonstrates four-mallet technique.
  4. An etude/solo for timpani.
  5. Sight-reading (2-mallet keyboard)
  6. Drumset/Orchestral Excerpts*

*OPTIONAL - The student may choose to include drumset (styles demonstration) and/or appropriate orchestral excerpts, but this is NOT required as part of the audition process.

Check the School of Music website for audition dates. If you are unable to appear at one of the scheduled audition dates, please contact Dr. Lane to arrange an alternate time.

Recommended Repertoire for Undergraduate Auditions:

This represents a limited suggestion of material only. Students are encouraged to present repertoire which will showcase their abilities and interests.

Snare Drum
Anthony Cirone: Portraits in Rhythm
Delecluse: Douze Etudes

J.S. Bach: Sonatas and partitas for Solo Violin or Cello Suites
Keiko Abe: Michi
Toshimitsu Tanaka: Two Movements for Marimba
G.H. Green Xylophone Rags

William Cahn: The Solo Timpanist
John Bergamo: Four Pieces for Timpani
Vic Firth: Solo Timpanist
R. Hochrainer: Etuden for Timpani​​

Other Audition Requirements/Recommendations:

  1. All percussion instruments will be provided. You may, however, elect to bring your own snare drum.
  2. Please provide your own sticks/mallets.
  3. Please provide two copies of your music for the audition panel.

General Admission for Graduate Studies

Information concerning general graduate admission requirements for Sam Houston State University can be found HERE.

Graduate Auditions

All graduate applicants are required to prepare the following:

  1. Snare drum - Any etude from Douze Etudes by Delecluse; Two significant orchestral excerpts
  2. Mallets - Contemporary 4-mallet work (ex: Jacob Druckman, J.S. Bach, Paul Lansky, etc.) of sufficient in length and difficulty; Two significant orchestral excerpts; Sightreading
  3. Timpani - Etude, orchestral excerpts, or solo demonstrating advanced technique
  4. Multiple Percussion - Solo or etude from contemporary repertoire (video/audio recordings encouraged)
    OPTIONAL: Drumset - Present various styles/sightreading

Graduate Assistantships in Percussion

Some graduate students may qualify for a graduate assistantship. Duties will include working with the Bearkat Marching Band Drumline, Steel Band, teaching Percussion Methods courses, applied lessons and/or other teaching or organizational duties depending on the strengths/interests of the applicant. Graduate assistantships consist of an out-of-state tuition waiver and stipend (usually around $9800.00), plus benefits. Additional scholarship funding may also be available for qualified students. The application can be found HERE.