Missions and Objectives

Master of Science in Athletic Training


The mission of the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) degree program is to develop diverse contemporary clinicians who collaborate with healthcare professionals and community partners to deliver patient-centered culturally competent care. The program strives to instill the qualities of a life-long learner that will progress graduates to clinical expertise.


The Athletic Training Program at Sam Houston State University will:

  1. Equip athletic training students for contemporary practice in an evolving health care system through academic, clinical, and professional excellence;
  2. Value professional development of faculty, staff, and students to inspire life-long learning that aligns with personal and professional goals;
  3. Engage and promote inter-professional education and practice with other professions;
  4. Prioritize diversity among faculty, staff, students, and clinical placement sites to foster cultural competence and collaboration in the delivery of healthcare;
  5. Integrate community engagement and service-learning experiences for faculty, staff, and students; and
  6. Conduct student-led research by allowing students to become creative in their discovery of new and ever advancing knowledge.