Sport Management Industry Impact Award

Award Information

In 2012, the SHSU Sport Management program established an award to recognize individuals for their contribution to the sport industry. The criteria for this award included the following key areas:

The SHSU Sport Management Industry Impact Award is awarded to an individual who:

  1. Has exemplified the characteristics of effective leadership and presence in the sport industry,
  2. Serves as a model of effective practices for current and future sport executives,
  3. Has demonstrated a significant commitment to service outside of sport, and
  4. Is a friend or alumnus of the university.

Candidates for the Industry Impact Award are identified by faculty and students in the Sport Management program. The Award is then presented to the recipient in the Spring semester of each academic year.

SHSU Sport Management Industry Impact Award Recipients

   Gretchen Sheirr    

  Gretchen Sheirr

   2018 Recipient

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