Debra D. Andrist Debra D. Andrist, Ph.D.
Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. SUNY/Buffalo

A sociologist of created societies (art and literature) in works by and about women, I am a teacher; a scholar with international conference papers and other presentations, books of criticism, textbooks, translations, critical articles, reviews, interviews and movie study guides; and especially active in professional organization and board service.

Dr. Andrist's email | ABIV 333 | 936-294-1414 | More Info about Dr. Andrist>>
Tatiana Artamónova Tatiana Artamónova, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Purdue University

As a language professor and researcher, I strive to find the best practices for enhancing language learning experiences and outcomes of my students at all levels. I am particularly interested in the interaction of L2 learners’ individual differences and learning contexts as well as language acquisition and use among bilinguals.

Dr. Artamónova's email | ABIV 313C | 936-294-3590 | More Info about Dr. Artamónova>>
Caleb Baker Caleb Baker, M.A.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

My research has involved second language acquisition and pedagogy. I primarily teach undergraduate classes in elementary and intermediate Spanish including SPAN 1411, SPAN 1412, SPAN 2311 & SPAN 2312.

Caleb Baker's email | ABIV 314 | 936-294-4227 | More Info about Caleb Baker>>
Siham Bouamer Siham Bouamer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (French)
Education: Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis

My research and teaching foci include Francophone literature and film of the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries, colonial and postcolonial literatures, and contemporary transnational cultures with a specialization on Maghrebi studies.

Dr. Bouamer's email| ABIV 331 | 936-294-1445 | More Info About Dr. Bouamer>>
Silke Bugge Silke Bugge, M.Ed.
Adjunct Faculty (German)
Education: Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

My teaching and research includes linguistics and cultural issues. I have taught courses on language and literature at all levels. My presentations are focused on events in Germany within the last century and their impact on the cultural discourse.

Silke Bugge's email | ABIV 332 | 936-294-1410 | More Info about Silke Bugge>>
Ryan Dux Ryan Dux, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (German)
Education: Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin

My teaching and research focus on linguistic comparisons of English and German, their implications for language learning and teaching, and linguistic and cultural contact phenomena among German-American immigrant communities. I have published research on cognitive and contrastive linguistics, German-American Studies (especially Texas German), and applied linguistics.

Dr. Dux's email | ABIV 319 | 936-294-4732 | More Info about Dr. Dux>>
Montse Feu (M. Montserrat Feu López Montse Feu (M. Montserrat Feu López), Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. University of Houston

I teach and research the Spanish Civil War exile in the United States. Also, I examine and recover literature and culture in US Hispanic periodicals. My publications include the antifascist activism and culture of workers and anarchists.

Dr. Feu's email | ABIV 329 | 936-294-1448 | More Info about Dr. Feu>>
Jocelyn Frelier Jocelyn Frelier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (French)
Education: Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Jocelyn Frelier is an Assistant Professor of French. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She researches 21st century cultural products and their depictions of immigration and the ways in which it shapes family units.

Dr. Frelier's email | ABIV 337 | 936-294-1444 | More Info About Dr. Frelier>>
Leif French Leif French, Ph.D.
Department Chair | Professor (French)
Education: Ph.D. Université Laval, Québec

As an Applied Linguist, I specialize in second language acquisition and psycholinguistics. My research focuses on L2 performance (oral production), individual differences (working memory), and L2 teacher training. It also involves French as a foreign language and the explicit teaching of stylistic variants in the classroom.

Dr. French's email | ABIV 315 | 936-294-1979 | More Info about Dr. French>>
Vianey Gutiérrez Beltran Vianey Gutiérrez Beltran, M.A.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

I have been part of WOLC since 2013 teaching Elementary and Intermediate Spanish Courses. My interests are in Translation Studies, teaching Translation and Second Language Acquisition.

Vianey Gutiérrez Beltran's email | ABIV 332 | 936-294-1410 | More Info About Vianey Gutiérrez Beltran>>
Maria Hasler-Barker Maria Hasler-Barker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington

My research and publications focus on cross-cultural linguistic politeness and second language acquisition, including bilingual service encounters and language pedagogy. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on these topics, as well as introductory and intermediate Spanish language courses, Spanish grammar and composition, Spanish linguistics, and Spanish conversation.

Dr. Hasler-Barker's email | ABIV 323 | 936-294-4584 | More Info About Dr. Hasler-Barker>>
Tracy Knight Tracy Knight, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (American Sign Language)
Education: EDD. Lamar University;

My research involve the study of social identity in hearing youth who have deaf parents: a qualitative study. I teach all the levels of American Sign Language courses including the Deaf Culture and Deaf Education.

Dr. Knight's Email | ABIV 313C |
Frieda Koeninger Frieda Koeninger, Ph.D.
Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin

I teach Spanish students on many levels, from true beginners (SPAN1411) to superior speakers in our Master's program (SPAN5333 & 5371). I especially like helping students improve their writing in our composition courses (SPAN3361 & 4361). My publications include articles on censorship in eighteenth-century theater in Spain and Mexico.

Dr. Koeninger's Email | ABIV 335 | 936-294-1443 | More Info About Dr. Koininger>>
Enrique Mallen Enrique Mallen, Ph.D.
Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Cornell University

My teaching and research deals with the study of language, both verbal and pictorial. I have taught courses in language, art and culture at all levels in different institutions. My publications include articles and books on linguistics, poetry and art history, specifically the artist Pablo Picasso.
Dr. Mallen's email | ABIV 339 | 936-294-1433 | More Info About Dr. Mallen>>
Julio Medina-López Julio Medina-López, M.A.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

Julio Medina-López's email | ABIV 314 | 936-294-3778 | More Info About Julio Medina-López>>
Sujey Myers Sujey Myers, M.A.
Adjunct Faculty (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

My goal is to help students become more cultured and understanding members of society through the examination and respect of cultural differences in my classroom.

Sujey Myers' email | ABIV 312 | 936-294-3849 | More Info About Sujey Myers>>
Christine Neuville-Taylor Christine Neuville-Taylor, M.Ed.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.Ed. Sam Houston State University

Christine Neuville-Taylor's email | ABIV 413 | 936-294-1446 | More Info about Christine Neuville-Taylor>>
Rafael Saumell-Muñoz Rafael Saumell-Muñoz, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis

My teaching includes language courses (SPAN 3361/4361 W Grammar and Composition, SPAN 3368/3369 Conversation), and Literature (SPAN 3375W Literary Genres, SPAN 5337 Literary Analysis and Research Methods). My research interests are: Prison Poetry and Narrative, Human Rights and Literatures, Censorship.

Dr. Saumell-Muñoz's email | ABIV 341 | 936-294-1449 | More Info about Dr. Saumell-Muñoz>>
Manolo Triano-López Manolo Triano-López, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington

I have taught Spanish-language and Spanish Linguistics courses at all levels. My most recent publications have focused on Translation & Interpretation, and the intersection between language and the law.

Dr. Triano-López's email | ABIV 327 | 936-294-1400 | More Info about Dr. Triano-López>>
Nadia Tuati
Fulbright (Arabic)

email | ABIV 313
José Ovidio Velásquez José Ovidio Velásquez, M.A.
Lecturer (American Sign Language)
Education: M.S. Lamar University

José Ovidio Velásquez's email | ABIV 332 | 936-294-3849 | More Info about José Ovidio Velásquez>>
Samar Zahrawi Samar Zahrawi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Arabic)
Education: Ph.D. University of Leeds

My pedagogy in Arabic language classes is based on ACTFL guidelines and the communicative approach. Teaching Arabic Culture class, I use multiple resources such as film, stories, drama, art and non-literary works. My research interests include Arabic drama, Arabic film, Middle Eastern cultural studies, translation studies and Arabic language pedagogy

Dr. Zahrawi's email | ABIV 325 | 936-294-3894 | More Info about Dr. Zahrawi>>

Office Staff

April Darby
Assistant to the Chair

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James Danny Adams
Administrative Associate I

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Graduate Student Assistants

Wendy Herrera
Graduate Student

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Ha Yeong Kim
Graduate Student

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Hilda Aguilar
Graduate Student

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Miguel DeLeon
Graduate Student

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Elizabeth Cruz
Graduate Student

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