Miriam Akoto

Miriam Akoto, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (French & Applied Linguistics)
Education: Ph.D. Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC)

My research is centered on second/foreign language writing and computer-assisted language learning. I am particularly interested in computer-mediated interaction, peer-assessment/feedback, collaborative writing, and multimodal composition within the French FL context. I have published work individually and collaboratively in peer-reviewed academic journals such as Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT), and Languages. I have also presented papers in international and national conferences, including AAAL, CALL, and CALICO. I am currently collaboratively working on a book chapter and a journal article.
Miriam AKOTO | Assistant Professor of French Linguistics | Doctor of Philosophy | Sam Houston State University, TX | SHSU | Department of Foreign Languages (

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Tatiana Artamónova Tatiana Artamónova, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Purdue University

As a language professor and researcher, I strive to find the best practices for enhancing language learning experiences and outcomes of my students at all levels. I am particularly interested in the interaction of L2 learners’ individual differences and learning contexts as well as language acquisition and use among bilinguals.

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Silke Bugge 

Silke Bugge, M.A.
Lecturer (German)
Education: M.A. Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany

My courses are designed to learn the language through a communicative setting with the inclusion of historic and current universal and global cultural issues. I have taught courses for German language learners on all levels, but mainly beginners and intermediate. I have given presentations on events during the 4 decades of Germany’s separation after World War II and the years right after the reunification in 1989.

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Montse Feu (M. Montserrat Feu López Montse Feu (M. Montserrat Feu López), Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. University of Houston

I teach and research the Spanish Civil War exile in the United States. Also, I examine and recover literature and culture in US Hispanic periodicals. My publications include the antifascist activism and culture of workers and anarchists.

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Jamile Forcelini

Jamile Forcelini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Hispanic Linguistics, Florida State University

My research investigates bilingual and trilingual lexical processes, the role of instruction on second language vocabulary acquisition as well as the nature of trilingualism and multilingualism. In the past I have taught language courses in Spanish, Portuguese, and ESL as well as courses in linguistics. Here at SHSU, I taught courses in business Spanish, elementary and intermediate Spanish as well as conversational Spanish.

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Leif French

Leif French, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Professor of Applied Linguistics/French

Education: Ph.D. Université Laval, Québec

As an Applied Linguist, I specialize in second language acquisition and psycholinguistics. My research focuses on L2 performance (oral production), individual differences (working memory), and L2 teacher training. It also involves French as a foreign language and the explicit teaching of stylistic variants in the classroom.

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Vianey Gutiérrez Beltran Vianey Gutiérrez Beltran, M.A.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

I have been part of WOLC since 2013 teaching Elementary and Intermediate Spanish Courses. My interests are in Translation Studies, teaching Translation and Second Language Acquisition.

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Laura Hartman Laura Hartman, M.A.
Adjunct Faculty (French)
Education: M.A. Universitatea Bucuresti (Romania)

Has taught since 1997 in the fields of General Linguistics, French Linguistics and French, with the passion to share knowledge, to improve the quality of the courses, of the seminars, of the teaching materials and of the interactions with the students, while training and motivating students to excel.

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Maria Hasler-Barker Maria Hasler-Barker, Ph.D.
Department Chair | Associate Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington

My research and publications focus on cross-cultural linguistic politeness and second language acquisition, including bilingual service encounters and language pedagogy. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on these topics, as well as introductory and intermediate Spanish language courses, Spanish grammar and composition, Spanish linguistics, and Spanish conversation.

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Kristen Kennedy Terry Kristen Kennedy Terry, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (French & Applied Linguistics)
Education: Ph.D. University of California, Davis

I am an applied linguist working in second language acquisition (SLA) and sociolinguistics. As a researcher, I am particularly interested in how second language speakers acquire linguistic features that are not normally taught in the language classroom, but that characterize “real” language use. As a language teacher, I am focused on creating opportunities in the classroom for learners to practice using the target language as speakers do in the real world. I have taught all levels of French, including sociolinguistics and French for business, as well as academic writing and Introduction to SLA.

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Tracy Knight Tracy Knight, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (American Sign Language)
Education: EDD. Lamar University;

My research involve the study of social identity in hearing youth who have deaf parents: a qualitative study. I teach all the levels of American Sign Language courses including the Deaf Culture and Deaf Education.

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Enrique Mallen Enrique Mallen, Ph.D.
Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Cornell University

My teaching and research deals with the study of language, both verbal and pictorial. I have taught courses in language, art and culture at all levels in different institutions. My publications include articles and books on linguistics, poetry and art history, specifically the artist Pablo Picasso.
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Julio Medina-López Julio Medina-López, M.A.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

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Rebecca Myers Rebecca Myers, M.Ed.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.Ed. SHSU

As a state of Texas licensed educator with many years in public schools and a master's degree in education, my interests lie in best practices in the classroom for student success coupled with the latest research in second language acquisition theory. My belief is that language requires time and personal connection to acquire. This is best accomplished in a setting that has a low affective filter and focuses on an individual's personal growth. My classroom is a place of learning, enrichment, fun, mistakes, and connection.

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Sujey Myers Sujey Myers, M.A.
Lecturer (Spanish)
Education: M.A. Sam Houston State University

My goal is to help students become more cultured and understanding members of society through the examination and respect of cultural differences in my classroom.

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Lillie Padilla

Lillie Padilla, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Education: Ph.D. Arizona State University

I am originally from Ghana in West Africa, and currently I am an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Sam Houston State University. My research interests include Spanish language variation, research on the Equatoguinean variety of Spanish, heritage language pedagogy, language ideologies, language attitudes, critical discourse analysis, and translation and interpretation curriculum development. I have taught a wide variety of undergraduate courses as well as graduate seminars.

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Manolo Triano-López Manolo Triano-López, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington

I have taught Spanish-language and Spanish Linguistics courses at all levels. My most recent publications have focused on Translation & Interpretation, and the intersection between language and the law.

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Rosti Vana

Rosti Vana, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Education: Ph.D. Arizona State University

My teaching and research focus on the intersection of sociolinguistics and heritage language pedagogy in mixed classroom contexts. Specifically, I focus on how instructors and other students can challenge linguistic discrimination and dominant ideologies in these mixed class contexts by understanding their own language attitudes and challenging negative discourses found in society. I have taught a wide variety of undergraduate courses as well as graduate seminars. 

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Edna V. Velásquez Edna V. Velásquez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Spanish)
Education: Ph.D. University of Houston

My research in the area of Spanish/language pedagogy focuses mainly on advanced biliteracy for Heritage Language Learners (HLLs), Spanish teacher’s training and implementation of 2.0 technologies in language teaching. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on these topics, as well as introductory and intermediate Spanish language courses.

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Samar Zahrawi Samar Zahrawi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Arabic)
Education: Ph.D. University of Leeds
My pedagogy in Arabic language classes is based on ACTFL guidelines and the communicative approach. Teaching Arabic Culture class, I use multiple resources such as film, stories, drama, art and non-literary works. My research interests include Arabic drama, Arabic film, Middle Eastern cultural studies, translation studies and Arabic language pedagogy

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April Darby
Assistant to the Chair

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Administrative Associate I

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