Lillie Padilla

Lillie Padilla is an Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. She is originally from Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa. She received her BA in Spanish and Sociology from the University of Ghana, a diploma from the University of Cienfuegos in Cuba, and her MA and PhD in Spanish Linguistics from Arizona State University. Lillie Padilla’s specialization is in applied linguistics. She focuses on language variation in Equatoguinean Spanish. Her dissertation research was on Subject pronoun Expression in the Equatoguinean variety of Spanish. Her dissertation was the first research on Equatoguinean Spanish using the language variation and change approach.

Lillie Padilla is also interested in Critical Discourse analysis. Her goal is to bring to light hegemonic discourses regarding marginalized groups such as Afro-Latinos in Spanish language textbooks.

She joined Sam Houston State University in August 2020 and has taught classes in both in-person, hybrid, and online formats. Some of the classes she has taught are Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Spanish Writing and Composition, and Special Topics in Spanish linguistics.


Forthcoming Padilla, L. First Person Subject Pronoun Expression in Equatoguinean Spanish. Journal of Monolingual and Bilingual speech.

Forthcoming Padilla, L. Subject Pronoun Expression in Spanish in Contact with Fang in Equatorial Guinea. Onomazein.
DOI 10.7764/onomazein.66.04

2019 Padilla, L. & and Vana (2019). Ideologies in the foreign language curriculum: insights from textbooks and instructor interviews. Language awareness, 28(1), 15-30.

2018 Beas O. & Padilla, L. (2018). Simplification and Complexity in the Interlanguage of Equatorial Guinean Spanish. Selected Proceedings of the Western Conference of Linguistics (WECOL). (pp. 24-34). California State University, Fresno.

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

Forthcoming    Loza, S., Vana. R., &. Padilla L.  (accepted). What’s so elite?: A critical discourse analysis of mediatized code-switching in the Netflix series Elite. In. A. Sánchez-Muñoz & J. Retis (Eds.) Communicative Spaces in Bilingual Contexts: Discourses, Synergies and Counterflows in Spanish and English. Routledge.

Manuscripts in Submission

Padilla, L. & Vana, R. (submitted). The (Non)Existent Representation of Afro-Latin@s in Spanish Language Textbooks: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis. Journal of Identity, Language, and Education

Book Reviews

Padilla, L.  (2020). Review of the book Decolonizing Foreign Language Education; The misteaching of English and other colonial languages, by D. Macedo (Ed.) E-JournALL, EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages, 7 (2), 112–115.

Classes Taught

(Fall 2021)
SPAN 1411 01 Elementary Spanish
SPAN 1411 02 Elementary Spanish
SPAN 5374 01 Studies in Spanish Linguistics

(Spring 2021)
SPAN 2311 07 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 2311 08 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 3361 Spanish Grammar and Composition

(Fall 2020)
SPAN 1412 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2312 Intermediate Spanish II

Recent Conferences

Padilla, L. (2022) (No)representation of Afro-Latin@s in Spanish textbooks, Modern Language Association, Marriot Marquis, Washington, DC. (with Rosti Vana)
Padilla,L. (2021). Subject Pronoun Expression in Spanish in Contact with Fang in Equatorial Guinea. Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO).
Padilla, L (2021). A critical analysis of Elite: Linguistic capital, ideologies, and marginalization, Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO). (With Rosti Vana and Sergio Loza).
Padilla, L and Vana R. (2021). Ideologies in Foreign Language Curricular. Teaching and Learning Conference 2021. Sam Houston State University.
Padilla, L. ( 2019). Subject Pronoun Expression in Equatoguinean Spanish. Linguistics Society of Romance Languages 49 (LSRL).
Padilla, L. (2019). Subject expression in Equatorial Guinea. Linguistics talks. Arizona State University.