Dr. Lory Haas

Lory E. Haas

Associate Professor

(936) 294-1113


TEC 274B



Lory Haas photo

  • Ed. D. in Reading, Sam Houston State University, 2011
  • M. Ed. in School Counseling, Sam Houston State University, 1994
  • B. A. in Teaching, Elementary Education, Minor in History, Sam Houston State University, 1989

Areas of Expertise

preservice teacher education, visual and media literacy, inquiry-based learning, learning through play, Socratic seminars


Dr. Lory E. Haas is an Associate Professor of reading and Associate Chair for the School of Teaching and Learning at Sam Houston State University. She teaches literacy courses at all levels.  Her research interests include topics related to visual literacy, wordless picture books, photovoice experiences, digital literacy practices, as well as, developing critical thinking through a Socratic approach to learning.

Selected Publications

Aboulkacem, A., Aboulkacem, S. & Haas, L.E. (2021, August). Photovoice 2.0: A Comprehensive Research Framework for the Digital Generation. TechTrends. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11528-021-00642-4

Haas, L. E., & Lasley, E. (2021, January) A phenomenological study of pedagogical changes in preservice teachers through participation in project-based learning. The Online Journal of New Horizons in Education, 11(1), 1-14.

Braktia, B., Haas, L. E., Montenegro Sanchez, A. M., & Koptelov, A. (2021, February). Establishing Reliability and Validity of an Instrument to Measure Digital Literacy Practices and Perceptions in Higher Education. Informatics and Education, 1(320), 33-37. doi: 10.32517/0234-0453-2021-36-1-33-37

Winard, A., Haas, L. E., & Aboulkacem, S. (2020). Preservice teachers’ perspective of Photovoice and visual literacy experiences. In D. M. Baylen (Ed.), Crossing boundaries and disciplines: The book of selected readings 2019 (pp. 43-59). International Visual Literacy Association. ISBN: 978-0-945829-13-3

Thomas, M., & Haas, L. E. (2020, Fall). Information literacy skills proficiency and academic achievement of select 12th-grade students at a high-minority high poverty school: A mixed methods study. Journal of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, 5(1), 105-131.

Haas, L. E., & Lasley, E. (2019). Undergraduates’ response to project-based learning: Perceptions of pedagogies of engagement and theoretical underpinnings. VESTNIK, Moscow City University Scientific Journal: Pedagogy and Psychology, 48(2), 95-102.

Aboulkacem, S., Haas, L. E., & Winard, A. (2018). Perspectives from Algeria and the United States: Media and news literacy perceptions and practices of pre-service teachers. International Journal of Media and Information Literacy, 3(2), 40-52.

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Fair, F., Haas, L. E., Gardosik, C., Johnson, D., Price, D., & Leipnik, O. (2015, November). Socrates in the schools: Gains at three-year follow up. Journal of Philosophy in Schools, 2(2), 5-16.

Fair, F., Haas, L. E., Gardosik, C., Johnson, D., Price, D., & Leipnik, O. (2015, May). Socrates in the schools from Scotland to Texas: Replicating a study on the effects of a philosophy for children program. Journal of Philosophy in Schools, 2(1), 1-20.


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