The TEA Annual Report

An Annual Report is required of Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) in Texas. The data for an academic year are submitted in the Annual Report to the Texas Education Association (TEA) on September 15, following the end of the academic year. Annually, Sam Houston State University's (SHSU) EPP is required to submit data from four areas:

  • GPA/Entrance Exam Data - data are submitted for each candidate admitted to the EPP program. The data include:
  • Overall grade point average
  • Grade point average in specific subject areas
  • Scores required for program admission
  • The admission score on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
  • Status for Educator Preparation Program Candidates:
  • Program Finishers
  • All but Clinical
  • Other Enrolled
  • Field Observations - field observation of interns, those serving as a classroom teacher of record on a probationary certificate. The compliance measure is based on a percentage of candidates with at least three observations, out of all candidates.
  • Demographic information, criteria-based, on the number of candidates in the EPP:
  • Applications from all persons who applied to EPP.
  • Admittance of all candidates formally or conditionally, to enter the EPP during the designated AY.
  • Retention of candidates admitted to the EPP for the AY, but have not yet finished or left the program.
  • Finishers of all program requirements during the reported AY.