The College of Criminal Justice stays connected with its student, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends through a diverse array of print and online publications which highlight the latest happenings at the Criminal Justice Center or cutting edge research in the field. Among the publications produced are:

  • CJ Mandate: serves as both the alumni magazine for the SHSU College of Criminal Justice and the official news bulletin for the CJ Center. The Mandate is published three times a year, bringing current updates on our alumni, and news about developments in our many training and research programs to friends of the College and the CJ Center.
  • CJ Beat: is an undergraduate newsletter published four times a year to highlight upcoming events and activities at the College as well as outstanding students and faculty.
  • CJ Blog: chronicles the day-to-day activities at the College, included events, programs, alumni, students, faculty, professionals, research and much more.
  • Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice: is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal that examines the intersection of psychology and criminal justice.
  • The Crime Victims' Institute Newsletter: summarizes events and projects within the Crime Victims' Institute, which conducts research and provides training for victim-related issues.