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Professor Evaluates Effectiveness Of Domestic Violence Specialty Courts

The expertise of Ling Ren, criminal justice professor and researcher at Sam Houston State University, is helping the Montgomery County District Attorney's office. Domestic violence is a public health and criminal problem nationwide. In recent years, many Texas jurisdictions have been working towards a solution to the problem.

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NYPD’s Chief of Interagency Operations speaks at SHSU

The Institute of Homeland Security (IHS) at SHSU hosted a two-day symposium this week at the College of Criminal Justice. This was the second gathering of the IHS Advisory Board to review and discuss their strategic plan.

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Victim Studies Professors Recognized

Dr. Shelly Clevenger and Dr. Bree Boppre have been recognized for their work in the field of Victim Studies by the American Society of Criminology’s (ASC) Division on Women and Crime (DWC).

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CJ Announces Beto Fellow Recipient

The College of Criminal Justice is pleased to announce Dr. Yan Zhang as the 2022 inaugural Beto Fellowship recipient.Led by the College’s Beto & Awards Committee, the Beto Endowed Fellowship is dedicated to professional development.

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CMIT Featured in Justice Trends

Justice Trends has recently featured Doug Dretke, the Executive Director for the Corrections Management Institute of Texas (CMIT), in their magazine for his leadership training and correctional management excellence.

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