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Official Media Sponsor


Thank you Gardner Business Media, publisher of Products Finishing and Production Machining magazines, for your partnership as the official media sponsor of the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop.

Gardner Business Media is the premier publisher in the manufacturing sector and publishes brands that serve all aspects of discrete parts manufacturing. Products Finishing (application of coatings) and Production Machining (small parts machining) magazines have been serving their respective fields for decades. Once a quarter a Parts Cleaning Section is published between both magazines which provides the market the latest trends in technology along with best practices for cleaning professionals. This section publishes to over 50,000 subscribers and is the only trade journal in the US focused on industrial cleaning applications.

Printer-Friendly Detailed Agenda (pdf)

Day one (Wednesday)

7:30AM Room 103

Sponsor Setup, Check-in, and Continental breakfast. (Sponsors may also set up Tues afternoon)


8:30-10AM Classroom 121

  • Introduction (of instructors)
  • Course overview and objectives
  • Cleaning basics
  • Why clean?
  • Cleaning is a process
  • What makes soil stick
  • Solvent cleaning

10-10:30AM Break, Room 103

Interaction with Experts

10:30-11:15 AM Lab Room 107

Hands-on exercises

  • Comparisons of soils and cleaning solutions
  • Documentation of cleanliness and surface energy
  • Introduction to the Hansen solubility parameters

11:15 AM-Noon Classroom 121

  • Aqueous cleaning
  • “Non-chemical” cleaning
  • Assembling your cleaning team

Noon-1PM Lunch Room 121

  • Table discussion topics:
  • Tell the table something unique or difficult about your surface, soil, cleaning system, or specifications.

1- 2 PM Classroom 121

  • Materials compatibility
  • Choosing the cleaning process

2 - 2:45 PM Lab Room 107

Hands-on exercises

  • Particle collection with filters and wipes
  • Computerized particle counting and characterization
  • Solvent Characterization and the wetting index

2:45-3:10 PM Break, Room 103

Interaction with Experts

3:10 -5PM Classroom 121

  • Testing chemicals and processes
  • Working with chemical and equipment suppliers
  • Safety and environmental considerations

5-6:30PM CFS Foyer

Networking reception hosted by Chemours, with beer, wine, and appetizers

7-8:30PM Austin Hall

Workshop Dinner

Day Two (Thursday)

7:30-8AM CFS Foyer

Continental breakfast.

8-9:30AM Classroom 121

  • Specific industry concerns: Optics, Automotive, Other
  • Cleanrooms, controlled environments
  • How clean is clean enough?   

9:30-10AM Break, Room 103

Interaction with Experts

10-10:45 AM Lab Room 107

Demonstrations/ Hands-on exercises

  • Ultrasonic cleaning – testing effectiveness with aluminum foil
  • High velocity spray cleaning with steam
  • Testing rinse effectiveness with pH

10:45 AM-Noon Classroom 121

  • Verification, acceptance testing, In-house, outsourced
  • Analytical testing
  • Cleaning, extraction, separation
  • Process monitoring
  • Surface tests
  • Working with the lab

Noon-12:45PM Lunch Room 121

12:45-1:30PM Lab Room 107

Demonstrations/ Hands-on exercises

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – comparing acid, base, water, and surfactant formulations
  • Vapor degreasing – demonstration and discussion
  • Spectroscopic techniques – FTIR, Raman, Fluorescence of surfaces and solvents

1:30-2:45PM Classroom 121

  • Standards and controls
  • Customer requirements and constraints
  • The value of an educated workforce
  • What do you do if something goes wrong?
  • You, your customers, your supply chain

2:45-3:00 PM Break, Room 103

Interaction with Experts

3:00-3:45PM Classroom 121

Course Completion Quiz and Evaluation

About the Instructors

Barbara Kanegsberg, President of BFK Solutions, LLC, is a recognized expert in critical/industrial cleaning and contamination control. She develops critical cleaning processes, conducts validations, and resolves product-related regulatory issues. Barbara is a member of the ASTM medical device Cleanliness Testing Task Force and a US Expert to the ISO/TC 209 WG 12: She has a master degree in biological chemistry, and is co-author of the two-volume CRC Handbook for Critical Cleaning.

Ed Kanegsberg, Vice President of BFK Solutions, is a chemical physicist and engineer who troubleshoots and solves manufacturing production problems in medical device development and in other high-value products. He is a recognized consultant in industrial cleaning process design and process performance with decades of experience helping companies transition from prototype to production. Ed has a Ph.D. in physics and is co-author of the CRC Handbook for Critical Cleaning.

Darren Williams, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Sam Houston State University, has 18 years of experience in cleanliness verification processes. His university research is applied to industrial process issues solvent selection, surface preparation, surface cleanliness, and analytical instrumentation. Darren Williams has a Ph.D. in chemistry and is trained in six sigma process improvement. He has authored over twenty articles, two chapters, and filed two patents related to cleanliness verification.