Dr. Jeffrey R. Wozniak

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Ecosystem Ecology from Florida International University

Office: LSB 400L
Phone: (936) 294-3759

Research Interests:

I am an ecosystem ecologist and, for most of my career, I have utilized wetlands as model systems to address research questions regarding the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients, ecosystem-level responses to natural and anthropogenic drivers (at varied spatial & temporal scales), and the importance/role of habitat management to sustain ecosystem goods and services. Ecosystem approaches to science involve both biotic and abiotic considerations and often involve measurements of both ecosystem structure and function. In my opinion, to effectively “do” ecosystem science, it is crucial to collaborate with researchers from multiple scientific disciplines. As a result, nearly all of the research projects in my lab have been part of interdisciplinary research groups. 

Both undergraduate and graduate students in my lab have conducted research in a wide range of aquatic ecosystems including the freshwater marshes of the Florida Everglades, coastal salt marshes along the Texas Gulf Coast, and in numerous wetlands, lakes and streams from Texas to Pennsylvania. Specific student projects have focused on understanding the impacts of drought on coastal vegetation, how different wetland management plans impact aquatic invertebrates, and how hydrologic connectivity can influence fish species abundance in high salinity coastal ponds. 

From Whooping Cranes to nutrient cycling there are several opportunities for students to join the lab. I urge interested students to contact me directly for more information on the most up to date list of research projects.