Dr. John B. Pascarella

pascarellaProfessor & Dean, College of Science
Plant Ecology
PhD, University of Miami

Office: LDB 200 
Phone: 936-294-1401
Email: jbp014@shsu.edu


Research Interests

Plant demography, rare and endangered plant conservation, plant-pollinator interactions, forest dynamics.


Selected Publications

J. B. Pascarella, J. Maschinski, and S. Wright. 2011. Soil seed banks in the endangered Florida Beach Jacquemontia (Jacquemontia reclinata House (Convolvulaceae)). Native Plants Journal 12 (3): 233-240.

Flynn, D., M. Uriarte, T.Crk, J. B. Pascarella, J. Zimmerman, TM. Aide, and M.C. Ortiz. 2010. Hurricane disturbance alters secondary forest recovery in Puerto Rico. Biotropica 42: 149-157.

J.B. Pascarella. 2007. Mechanisms of prezygotic reproductive isolation between two sympatric species, Gelsemium rankinii and Gelsemium sempervirens (Gelsemiaceae), in the southeastern United States. American Journal of Botany 94: 468-476

J. B. Pascarella, T.M. Aide, and J. K. Zimmerman. 2007. The demography of Miconia prasina (Melastomataceae) during secondary succession in Puerto Rico. Biotropica 39: 54-61

J.B. Pascarella. 2007. Foraging patterns of the southeastern blueberry bee Habropoda laboriosa (Apidae, Hymenoptera): Implications for understanding oligolecty. Journal of Apicultural Research.46: 19-27

C. C. Horvitz, S. Tuljapurkar, and J.B. Pascarella. 2005. Plant-animal interactions in random environments: habitat-stage elasticity, seed predators and hurricanes. Ecology 86: 3312-3322

J.B. Pascarella, T. M. Aide, and J. K. Zimmerman. 2004. Short-term response of secondary forests to hurricane disturbance in Puerto Rico, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 199: 379-393

S. Tuljapurkar, C.C. Horvitz, and J.B. Pascarella. 2003. The many growth rates and elasticities of populations in random environments. The American Naturalist 162: 489-503.