William I. Lutterschmidt

Physiological Ecology
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Office: LDB 114A
(936) 294-1556
(936) 294-3940
Website: www.shsu.edu/~bio_wil

E-mail: lutterschmidt@shsu.edu

Research Interests

Ecology, evolution, comparative physiology, thermal biology, behavioral endocrinology.

Recent Selected Publications

Sanford, G.M., W.I. Lutterschmidt, and V.H. Hutchison. 2002. The comparative method revisited. BioScience 52(9):830-836.

Roth, E.D., W.I. Lutterschmidt, and D.A. Wilson. 2006. Relative medial and dorsal cortex volume in relation to sex differences in spatial ecology of a snake population. Brain, Behavior and Evolution 67(1):103-110.

Lutterschmidt, W.I., D.I. Lutterschmidt, R.T. Mason, H.K. Reinert. 2009. Seasonal variation in hormonal responses of timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) to reproductive and environmental stressors. Comparative Physiology B 179(6):747-757.

Roth, E.D. and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2011. Experimental validation of sex differences in spatial behavior patterns of free-ranging snakes: implications for social interactions. Ethology 117(8):852-858.

Fontenot, C.L., Jr., and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2011. Thermal selection and temperature preference of the aquatic salamander, Amphiuma tridactylum. Herpetological Conservation Biology 6(3):395-399.

Alford, J.G. and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2012. Modeling energetic and theoretical costs of thermoregulatory strategy. Journal of Biological Dynamics 6(1):63-79.

Lutterschmidt, W.I. and H.K. Reinert. 2012. Modeling body temperature and thermal inertia of large-bodied reptiles: support for water-filled biophysical models in radiotelemetric studies. Journal of Thermal Biology 37(2012):282-285.

Lutterschmidt, W.I., A.J. Smith, E.J. Tivador III, and H.K. Reinert. 2012. Diagnostic classification of connective tissue encapsulating transmitters and data acquisition units: evidence for not modifying a classic surgical implantation method. Herpetological Review 43(3):381-385.

Lutterschmidt, W.I. 2012. Review of: Snakes and reptiles: the most scary cold-blood creatures on earth. Herpetological Review 43(1):161-162.

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