Patrick J. Lewis

lewisAssociate Professor
Ph.D., Duke University

Office: LDB 126
Phone: (936) 294-3397
Fax: (936) 294-3940


Research Interests

Evolution of reptiles and amphibians in the Early Triassic of South Africa, the use of small animal faunas in reconstructing past environments, cranial anatomy of amphisbaenids, and the evolution of North American bison.

Selected Publications

Eileen Johnson, Patrick J. Lewis, and Leland Bement. (in press). Taking the measure of a mark – exploring mark morphometrics and human behavior. Great Plains Research

Timothy L. Campbell, Patrick J. Lewis, Monte L. Thies, and Justin K. Williams. (2012). A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based analysis of modern South African rodent distributions, habitat use, and environmental tolerances. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

Alicia M. Kennedy, Johan Marias, Aaron M. Bauer, Patrick J. Lewis, and Monte L. Thies. (2012). Additional Notes on the Herpetofauna of the Koanaka Hills, Ngamiland, Botswana. Check List. 8(4): 666-674.
James C. Cureton II, Patrick J. Lewis, and Monte L. Thies. (2011). Evaluating acetic acid for removing microvertebrate fossils from cave breccias. Botswana Notes and Records 42:172-178.

Adam W. Ferguson, Molly M. McDonough, Monte L. Thies, Patrick J. Lewis, and M. Gabadirwe. (2011). Mammals of the Koanaka Hills (Nqumtsa Hills) Region, Ngamiland, Botswana: A Provisional Checklist. Botswana Notes and Records 42:163-171.

Patrick J. Lewis, James Brink, Alicia M. Kennedy and Timothy L. Campbell. (2011). Examination of the Florisbad microvertebrates. South African Journal of Science 107(7/8):1-4.

Timothy L. Campbell, Patrick J. Lewis, and Justin K. Williams. (2011). Analysis of themodern distribution of south African Gerbilliscus (Rodentia: Gerbillinae) with implications for Plio-Pleistocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction. South African Journal of Science, 107 (1/2):1-8.

Darryl J. de Ruiter, Juliet K. Brophy, Patrick J. Lewis, Alicia M. Kennedy, Tom Stidham, Keely B. Carlson, and John Hancox. (2010) Preliminary investigation of Matjhabeng, a Pliocene fossil locality in the Free State of South Africa. Palaeontologia Africana, 45:86-98.

Patrick J. Lewis, Briggs Buchanan, Eileen Johnson, and Steven E. Churchill. (2009). The impact of changing grasslands on bison evolution. Quaternary International, 217:117-130.

Aaron M. Bauer, Alicia M. Kennedy, Patrick J. Lewis, Monte L. Thies, and Mohutsiwa Gabadirwe. (2009). The herpetofauna of Koanaka South and adjacent regions, Ngamiland, Botswana. Herpetological Bulletin,107:16-26.

Darryl J. de Ruiter, Juliet Brophy, Patrick J. Lewis, Lee Berger, and Steven E. Churchill. (2008). Animal paleocommunity composition and the paleoenvironment of Plovers Lake, South Africa. Journal of Human Evolution, 55(6):1102-1117.

Patrick J. Lewis, Briggs Buchanan, Eileen Johnson, and Steven E. Churchill. (2007). The evolution of Bison bison: a view from the Southern Plains. Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society, 78:197-204.

Patrick J. Lewis and Elwyn L. Simons. (2007). Evolutionary trends in the rodent fauna from the Fayum of Egypt. Palaeontologia Africana, 42:37-42.

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