Dr. Jerry Cook





Professional Development

Graduate Institution

University of Southern Colorado: M.S.; Biology

Texas A&M University: Ph.D.; Entomology

Undergraduate Institution 

University of Southern Colorado: B.S.; Geology

Courses Taught at SHSU

Within Biological Sciences:

Introduction Evolutionary Biology


Advanced Invertebrate Zoology



Research Interests 

My main research focus is on the insect order Strepsiptera, where I primarily study the systematics and taxonomy of this order of insect parasitoids.  Additionally, I am interested in the functional morphology of members of this group. I have also been working on the systematics, taxonomy, and biogeography of the family Pleidae, which is part of the insect order Hemiptera.

My lab is also involved in working on invasive species.  The focus has been primarily on ant species and their effects on the ecology of their invaded areas.  Within this research, we have worked on conservation of endemic ant species.  The conservation of insect species has likewise been a focus of research, where we currently have a focus on pollinators and Monarch butterflies.

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Favorite Book and Why

"The Diversity of Life by E. O. Wilson. This book tells about life on our planet and why understanding biodiversity is important."