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Commencement Spotlight: Megan Herzog

May 9, 2024
SHSU Media Contact: Mikah Boyd

MeganH-Spotlight2.jpegBy Hunter King

Megan Herzog
Spring, Texas
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, Public Relations and Advertising

As Megan Herzog prepares to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations and advertising, she reflects on her transformative experience at Sam Houston State University. The soon-to-be graduate's journey has been marked by self-discovery, involvement in campus life and a newfound passion for higher education.

Initially drawn to SHSU for its proximity to home, Herzog, a first-generation student, quickly found her niche.

“It was close to home, and as a first-generation student, my family is super important to me,” she said. “So, I really wanted to go to a school that was close to my family.”

Herzog's academic path wasn't always clear-cut. However, a news reporting class prompted her to switch gears.

“Originally, I was doing multiplatform journalism because I wanted to own a magazine company one day. It would be sort of like a publishing company and work for BuzzFeed or something like that,” she said. “Then I took a news reporting class, and I decided PR and advertising was better for me.”

Embracing campus life played a pivotal role in Herzog's college experience. She was a SAMbassador for three years, and it made her interested in continuing higher education. This role opened doors for her, leading to opportunities with many different offices on campus.

“I've had the opportunity to work in many other places on campus, like Integrated Marketing Communications, as well as Campus Recreation when I was lead staff for Bearkat camp,” she said. “It showed me different sides of higher education. I found it very interesting, and there's a lot of different paths you can take in higher education.”

Along with those jobs, she also has served as a visitor’s center employee. Among her favorite experiences was attending the Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association Student Development Institute (CIVSA SDI) in Washington, D.C.


“I got to travel with my boss and two co-workers, and we got to present to other visitor’s services programs across the nation,” she said. “We got to talk to students from places like Texas A&M, for example, that also are tour guides. We got to hear from their programs and what they do differently, and we got to share what we do differently as well.”

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, particularly during her transition from high school to college, Herzog persevered. Getting involved and making connections on campus helped her overcome these hurdles in her early years at Sam, and towards the end, she is happy with all the people she has met.

“It was hard to transition into the study habits of college, and then everything was also changing other places,” she said. “The university was also trying to adjust, so it was hard to have support because there were online classes and I wasn't really making friends until after COVID had passed.”

While she looks toward the future, Herzog plans to pursue a career in higher education. As of publication, Herzog is in talks with several employers and is planning on making a decision soon.

For prospective students considering SHSU, Herzog wholeheartedly endorses the university, citing its connection with its students.

“I feel like at a bigger university you won't ever get to really connect with the faculty and staff as much as you do at Sam Houston,” she said. “Because they really do want all their students to succeed." 

Herzog admits she’ll miss some friends and faculty but plans to stay close enough to visit most of them. She continued by sharing that her journey at SHSU is an example of the power of embracing opportunities, discovering one's passion and persevering through challenges. As she embarks on her next chapter, she says her experiences at the university have shaped her into a well-rounded, driven individual poised for success out in the world.

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