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Partnership to Enhance SHSU Bioscience Studies Program

Feb. 21, 2023
SHSU Media Contact: Campbell Atkins

Choudhary MOU

Sam Houston State University, in an effort to benefit the College of Science and Engineering Technology (COSET), recently announced a partnership with Patna University in India’s Bihar Province. Professor Madhusudan Choudhary, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Patna, represented SHSU at a signing ceremony during a four-month sabbatical in India.

“SHSU and Patna University are linked by common academic interests and seek to develop collaborations and exchanges in fields of shared interests and expertise,” stated the agreement. “The activities undertaken are based on a spirit of cooperation and reciprocity that is intended to be of mutual benefit to both parties.”

Some of the activities planned include visits and informal exchanges of faculty, scholars and administrators in specific areas of education, research and outreach, potential joint research programs and collaborations and exchange of academic information and materials.

Choudhary stressed the importance of students understanding materials and concepts on a global scale, particularly in biological sciences.

“If we want to lead the world, we need to have an understanding of the most populated country in the world, which is India,” Choudhary said. “From a global perspective, I want to show American students and faculty the other side of the globe. Both universities will benefit in a perspective of research collaboration, exchange of faculty and students and offering a global perspective.”

For example, Choudhary is part of a collaboration grant and research project that analyzes microbiomes in the Ganges River in India. He is assisted in this study, in part, by faculty members at Patna University.

Other collaboration efforts he is working on or hopes to help materialize include study abroad programs for undergraduate students, graduate student and faculty exchanges during the academic year or specified summer terms, joint research programs and joint degree opportunities and joint conferences or other scientific meetings on subjects of mutual interest.

“I am currently writing an international experience for the graduate program that includes divided time at both universities,” Choudhary said.

During his time in India, Choudhary taught a course that consisted of both undergraduate and doctorate students. He also helped organize a two-day conference between the universities with professors Birenda Prasad and Meenakshi Singh, which was funded by COSET as well as the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

“We had more than two hundred people participate in each session,” Choudhary said. “We also had virtual talks with people participating in the States and Canada.”

The conference featured a keynote speaker for each of the six sessions and talks from SHSU professors Mardelle Atkins, Christopher Randle and Sharmin Hasan.

“Hopefully, we can invite them to any similar conferences we have in the future,” Choudhary said.

The agreement will remain in effect for five years and may be renewed or amended by mutual agreement of the parties.

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