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Huntsville ISD Partners With SHSU

May 11, 2023
SHSU Media Contact: Mikah Boyd


Sam Houston State University continued its mission of providing high school students with opportunities and resources upon signing a partnership agreement with Huntsville Independent School District.

HISD Superintendent Scott Sheppard joined SHSU President Alisa White to sign the official agreement that will provide Sheppard’s students with scholarship opportunities and closer ties with counselors.


With more than 35 years in education, Sheppard knows the importance of providing higher learning opportunities to children still in grade school. He knows from his experience leading multiple institutions across the state that education makes a world of difference to those who have access to it.

“It’s a rare opportunity for a kid to graduate from high school and be in the community of a top tier university,” Sheppard said. “It’s such a privilege to have a university like Sam Houston literally in our backyard, so that our kids can continue their education and hopefully stay in this community and give back to the community that raised them.”


A key feature of this continued partnership is the expansion of dual credit programs offered to HISD students. These courses allow the students to get a head start on their college education by completing select core classes while working towards their high school diploma.

Students will be able to see their hard work come to fruition should they enroll at SHSU through the help of admissions counselors that will be readily available to guide them into the next level of coursework needed for their degrees. On top of that, the counselors will help to point students to scholarship opportunities, including two scholarships that will be offered to students at Huntsville High School through the Bearkat Advantage program.

“We’ve got a communicative relationship. If you need things and we hear that you need them, we’re going to do everything that we can to provide them. That’s the beauty of our relationship,” White said. “Huntsville ISD is important to us. Your students are important to us, and we want them to be our students. We’re happy to welcome you in the fall.”

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