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Museum Director Joins Preservation Texas

Jan. 28, 2022
SHSU Media Contact: Emily Binetti

DerrickBirdsallOne of the foundations of a vibrant community is an active appreciation of the past. Derrick Birdsall, director of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, is a strong advocate for preserving the past, which inspired him to join the Board of Preservation Texas, a non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation across the Lone Star State. 

“I truly admire the way that Preservation Texas draws attention to historic sites across the state that are in need of protection and restoration,” Birdsall said. “Thanks to their efforts, either through direct acquisition of property or through education and advocacy, future generations of Texans will have access to historic properties that would otherwise be lost.”

Through his affiliation with the organization, Birdsall plans to directly connect with preservation experts across the state, helping to ensure that the museum’s policies and practices are in line with other sites, and learning firsthand from other museum professionals as he visits historic sites across Texas. 

“By staying current on best practices, this helps with our goal to continue to keep the historic treasures of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum safe,” he said. “I am looking forward to working with other preservation specialists to help tell the story of Texas to my fellow Texans, and those people who are visiting us from across the globe.”

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