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Bearkat Internships: Brittyn Shriver

Oct. 6, 2022
SHSU Media Contact: Campbell Atkins

The following story is the first of a series of Today@Sam articles that will feature select SHSU students who participated in internships over the summer or in recent months. If you or a Bearkat you know would like their internship considered, email

thumbnail_bsThere is something oddly calm about an empty sports venue.

It takes a true sports fan, the kind who has witnessed these arenas in the midst of battle, to appreciate the tranquility of 70,000 empty seats. Some of the game’s biggest supporters also happen to work behind the scenes and simply know this tranquil setting as their office.

Each morning before work, Houston Texans corporate development intern Brittyn Shriver paces the 100 section of NRG Stadium, her self-proclaimed home-away-from-home, and takes in the atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee. These 15 minutes overlooking the vacant battlefield help prepare her for the day ahead and the challenges that come with working for a professional sports organization.

“I am here more often than my actual house,” Shriver said of NRG Stadium, where she began interning in June. “Greg Grissom, our president, is really big on taking time for yourself and finding a spot in the stadium to just sit back and take it all in.”

The 29-year-old is in her final semester of a master’s degree in sports management at Sam Houston State University after receiving her undergraduate degree at SHSU, as well. She is in the midst of a one-year internship for the Texans and plans to graduate with her Master of Science in sports management in December.

“I am on the business operations side,” Shriver said after explaining the business and football sides of an NFL organization. “There are 100 or so of us who help run everything business-oriented for the team. I am specifically in corporate development, which is just an umbrella department within business operations.”

Shriver works closely with the Texans’ corporate partners, which gives her an opportunity to develop those relationships throughout the year and experience the process from obtaining a partner, seeing that partner become satisfied and everything in between.

“Day-to-day operations fluctuate a lot,” Shriver said. “Basically, we are the liaison between the team and our corporate partners. Any advertising or brands you see in the stadium are contracts we have developed. We work on our side to maintain good relationships and it is a lot of fun.”

She originally found the opportunity through a job opening post on LinkedIn. Her latest semester with SHSU’s sports management program provided her with real world experiences, which helped her hone in on what she wanted to do.

“I think I knew I wanted to be more on the business side, definitely in a professional sport,” Shriver said. “I think what prepared me the most was the simulated projects in our classes. We helped organize the Battle of the Piney Woods by running ticket sales and we were in charge of running Rockets Night. They really just throw you into the deep and that is how I learn best. Real world experience prepped me the most for what I do now.”

Shriver credits the late Jamey Rootes, first president of the Houston Texans and former SHSU professor, with helping her choose her current career path. Rootes passed away soon after this interview was conducted.

Shriver has always been a huge Houston sports advocate. This internship and the way she works with personnel, including players, has given her an even deeper appreciation for the Texans.

“It is very personable and very intimate,” Shriver said. “I get to see my guys in the gym everyday and say good morning. Everyone treats each other like equals. People are just people once you meet them. It can be really intimidating walking in here day one, but then you realize you are all working towards a common goal: to have an incredible franchise and season with some good performance outlook.”

Shriver believes she can take this sentiment and apply it to any job she may hold in the future.

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