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Career Services Creates New Innovative Internship Opportunities

Feb. 24, 2021
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

MicrointernshipsCareer Services at Sam Houston State University offers many ways for Bearkats to prepare for their future professions including career fairs, hiring services, resume creation and more. In adjusting to new office safety and COVID-19 protocols, Career Services began exploring unique opportunities for Bearkats to fulfill internships by introducing the concept of micro-internships.

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments similar to typical internships, but lasting between one week or up to a month and ranging from 5 to 40 hours per week. The decision to offer these new positions was made to help get SHSU students a “foot in the door,” without having to actually step foot in the door, since many of these positions are virtual.

“Internships will always be vital for students to help them build business relationships,” said Vinessa Mundorff, associate director of Career Services. “Internships provide an opportunity for students and employers to test the waters, find out what they like, what they don’t like, and at the end, someone can make an informed decision on what to do moving forward in their career.”

Office environments have changed significantly in the past year. Typically, it was routine for interns or student workers to gain experience by being in an office setting. So, what happens when the office setting goes virtual?

“Expectations for sitting in an office environment is changing moving forward and many companies are now providing virtual positions, so for our students I knew we needed to adjust to find more opportunities,” Mundorff said. “That is why micro-internships were put in place.”

There is no charge for Bearkats to participate and all of the micro-internships are paid positions. These services are available to undergraduate, graduate and even recent graduates, and gives Bearkats a unique opportunity to build a relationship with an employer.

“This is extremely helpful for students to find out what type of jobs are available, and the skillsets needed,” Mundorff said. “Ultimately, getting exposure is what this is about. Internships don’t feel like the end of the world either way. If you try something and don’t like it, there is still time to change paths and have that flexibility.”

To begin, applicants will go to the Career Services micro-internship page, fill out their profile, choose what types of jobs they are interested in and apply.

“Hearing the word ‘micro-internships’ need to be on our students’ radar because these positions are attractive to companies. The onboarding and cost fits in the gig economy and the future of employment really well,” said Mundorff. “It is never easy to be looking for employment, it takes a lot of work, and we want to help Bearkats by providing this service as a first step.”

For further information, visit the Career Services homepage or call 936-294-1713. Virtual appointments are available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to discuss the many ways Career Services is here to help Bearkats build a network of opportunities for their future.

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