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SHSU Transfer Student Awarded Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Oct. 5, 2021
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

Kathryn Price HeadshotStory by Mikah Boyd

Kathryn Price has been recognized for her outstanding work as a student at Lone Star College-Tomball by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, awarding her an undergraduate transfer scholarship at Sam Houston State University.

According to the Cooke Foundation webpage, the undergraduate transfer scholarship is a highly selective award for students at the nation’s top community colleges that are seeking to complete their degrees at four-year colleges and universities. Those who receive this scholarship are then supported not only financially, but also in their college planning through ongoing advising and a community of fellow scholars. In order to receive this award, Price feels that scholars must be able to succeed academically while overcoming adversity.

“I think there were a few things that made me stand out to the scholarship committee; I worked tirelessly at my community college to maintain my GPA, but I chose to focus on how I could develop myself as a well-rounded individual with strong leadership skills,” Price said. “I know my personal story of overcoming extreme adversity and challenging myself to turn those adversities into personal strengths made a big difference to the committee as well.”

Price’s challenges came in the form of balancing a tight schedule and maintaining a competitive GPA. While attending Lone Star College-Tomball, Price was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society of the two-year college. On top of this, she had a part-time job and family commitments that made her learn to manage various responsibilities and budget her time effectively.

Upon receiving the scholarship, Price is pleased her hard work has been acknowledged, and that she is not alone in her academic journey. She now has the support of not only her Jack Kent Cooke sponsors, but of her fellow scholars as well. With this support and experience behind her, Price completed the transfer process to SHSU with ease.

“Universities are all different, with different admissions and registration requirements; I constantly felt like I was forgetting something and was scared I would find it was too late to register for classes,” Price said. “However, my advisor at SHSU and my mentor from Lone Star College-Tomball all worked together to help coach me through the process and reassure me that my first semester would be great. I had a lot of anxiety in the beginning, but the more I worked with SHSU administration, the more confident I felt in my choice to attend classes here.”

Her decision to attend SHSU came after facing various obstacles. When challenges did arise, Price was met with kindness and understanding by those who guided her through the admissions process.

“Everyone I have contacted or interacted with has been unbelievably welcoming and knowledgeable,” Price said. “The atmosphere is completely different here, and I am so grateful that I am able to attend SHSU.”

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