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Commencement Spotlight: Danielle and Quenton White

Aug. 12, 2021
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

“Commencement Spotlight” is a series focused on highlighting Sam Houston State University's graduates. These are stories from Bearkats who have demonstrated a “can-do” spirit through challenges and service, remind us of the many ways Sam Houston State is preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement. Visit today@sam/commencementspotlight to find the list of stories highlighted so far.

Danielle White sitting on a bench

Quenton White ('21)
Houston, Texas
College of Science and Engineering Technology

Danielle White ('21) 
Houston, Texas
College of Business Administration

“My biggest supporter has definitely been my husband. He was there with me going through the same experiences as a college student, and we encouraged each other not to give up.”

Why did you chose to be the first in your family to go to college?

DW: “I grew up in a single-parent household, and my mom did the absolute best she could to raise us. Because of her inspiration, my main drive in going to college was wanting to provide a better life for myself and my family. It was also to be an example to my younger siblings, knowing that they would follow my path.”

What does it mean to you to be first-gen?

DW: Being a first-generation college graduate means breaking barriers. It also means showing that no matter what hardships you face in life, when you put your mind to achieve something anything is possible. Coming from a family of high school graduates, this is something that is a huge accomplishment in their eyes and inspires them that it is never too late to strive for bigger and better things.

How does SHSU help first-gen students?

DW: SHSU demonstrates passion and care for first-generation students. There are so many resources for students like us to succeed. Through learning time management and discipline, I tackled my biggest challenges of having to make a living while balancing school and operating in various roles in my organization.

What future career goals do you have?

DW: My future career goals are to go into market research and I hope to come back and get my master’s degree in that subject soon. Most importantly I hope to inspire and touch the lives of others while achieving my career goals!

Danielle and Quenton White outside the student centerWho is your biggest supporter?

DW: My biggest supporter has definitely been my husband. He was there with me going through the same experiences as a college student, and we encouraged each other not to give up. Now, we are both graduating in July.

How did you meet and when did you get married? 

QW: We met in high school and started dating our junior year of high school. We got married our sophomore year while attending Sam Houston State in 2018. 

Was there a bit of a competition there between you two to finish at the same time?

QW: Of course there were moments of competition that we used to push each other. Even though I’m competitive I was honestly just ready to see us both succeed.

What was it like pushing each other as a couple to complete your degree?

QW: There were definitely times when it was difficult balancing school, work, and relationship life. No matter what we, would always encourage each other to have faith and keep pushing forward. Life only hits harder as you go forward so we definitely had to learn to become one, but hit back twice as hard. 


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