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For Students, From Students: A Letter From The SGA President

March 30, 2020
SHSU Media Contact: Hannah Haney

AmandaLee450Dear students,

Hello all! Who would have known that our Spring 2020 would have been like this? I’m sure we are all thinking the same thing and are having similar struggles. COVID-19 has taken the United States by storm and has impacted our lives in the most dramatic way. I want to you to know that I am (first and foremost) praying for the students, faculty, staff, families, and friends during this time.

This virus has impacted us in different ways, but the aspect that bonds us together is that we are students at Sam Houston State University. We are comprised of many different majors, backgrounds and ethnicities, with the common goal of finishing the semester strong.

I encourage you during this time to find innovative ways to work your classes into your daily schedule and remain focused. Connect with other Bearkats who are going through similar situations. We are one really big community and our outreach is so much larger than we think.

Tune in to university department’s social media for activities, tips, and ways you can get your voice heard. If there is an initiative you would like to see happen, please reach out. Everyone at the university is here to serve YOU! 

Additionally, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything going on during this time, please reach out to me at

I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication each of you have to your studies and to Sam Houston State University. We will finish the semester strong! EAT ‘EM UP KATS!


Amanda Lee
Your Student Body President


- END -

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