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Bearkat Earns National PRSSA Position

May 15, 2020
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

Kathryn Belanger PRSSAStory by: Mikah Boyd

Sam Houston State University senior, Katy Belanger has been making strides in Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), earning two prestigious positions in two years. Last year, she was selected to be the PRSSA Southwest District Ambassador for the 2019-2020 school year, where she served as the liaison between chapter presidents and the national committee. This year, Belanger has earned a national position as the Vice President of Digital Communications. From June 2020 to May 2021, she will promote PRSSA as a credible, professional organization and manage the flow of information from PRSSA to the public by running the social media account for the organization.

“When I found out, I was thrilled. Before applying, I gave myself every reason not to run, but this made every doubt worth it,” Belanger said. “I was proud of myself. It was a real moment of ‘I said I'd go for it, and I did it.’”

Belanger is most excited for the challenges this new position will present. She finds that even though she has plenty of qualifying experience, her new role will provide her with opportunities to grow as a public relations professional. For this experience, she credits SHSU, her professors and most of all, PRSSA, for providing her with the passion and connections she needs to succeed.

“I am now a part of a society with more than 10,000 students all wanting to help each other out. But more than that, when I look for jobs, anyone who is a part of PRSSA or PRSA, the adult chapter, is willing to help,” Belanger said. “PRSSA has allowed me to take what I am learning at SHSU and get hands-on experience while in college, and not a lot of students could say that. I love PRSSA and I will always be an advocate for this society.”

IMG_6147While not all students can get the hands-on experience that PRSSA provides, Belanger encourages students to never stop learning and pushing themselves.

“I truly believe one learns the most in uncomfortable situations. So, believe in yourself and surround yourself with a strong support system that can help you make decisions without personal bias,” Belanger said. “If you have goals to get somewhere, set them, review them and accomplish them. I truly believe that I am where I am today because of the passion I bring to the table in PRSSA, as well as PR as a profession. Passion and drive will take you places, so utilize it.”

Looking to the future, Belanger will continue to gain experience by starting a marketing internship with the Texas State Fair in June, helping with the social media in the fall. Following graduation, Belanger plans on joining PRSA and running for their committee, while pursuing a job in social media. Her ultimate goal is to create social media content for a fashion company but is ecstatic to start her career as a public relations professional.


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