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Musical Theatre Alumni Star In Broadway Tour

Feb. 1, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Emily Binetti

SpamiltonStarsStory by Kacie Ging.

Sam Houston State University alumni Adrian Lopez and Dominic Pecikonis are quickly making great strides in their careers. The two Theatre and Musical Theatre graduates were recently cast in the Broadway production of “SPAMilton,” a parody of the hit show “Hamilton.”

“SPAMilton” is a spoof that pokes fun at writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Hamilton” and theatre itself. The show will be on tour through May of 2019.

Lopez and Pecikonis both landed prominent roles in the musical. Lopez plays the lead as Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton. Pecikonis, who plays Daveed Digs, worked endlessly to prepare for the demands of SPAMilton.

“It’s been such a learning process having to portray someone who is real and not just a fictional character,” Pecikonis said. “I had to learn his mannerisms and vocal habits and then make them even bigger.”

Dominic Pecikonis2From working together on shows like “Peter and the Star Catcher” at SHSU, to both finding their way to New York for Broadway, Lopez and Pecikonis have become especially close.

“Having Adrian with me is like having a family member; a brother,” Pecikonis said. “We’re both experiencing this for the first time, and I feel so lucky to have a familiar face to enjoy it with.”

The transition from college to Broadway happened quickly for both actors. Lopez graduated in 2018 and quickly made his way to New York. Pecikonis, who was also a 2018 graduate, described the transition from SHSU to “SPAMilton” as a whirlwind.

“Right after graduation I went straight into working regionally, but moving to New York and starting ‘SPAMilton’ really challenged me to be okay with being pushed out of my comfort zone,” Pecikonis said. “College can become a safe bubble, but once you graduate you suddenly have to find a way to lift yourself up every day, make your own routine, and continue to train.”

Adrian LopezPecikonis says his time at SHSU prepared him for the demands of Broadway. The most important lesson he took away from SHSU was how to take care of his body and voice.

“We do eight shows a week, never leave the stage and are traveling constantly,” Pecikonis said.  “With that demand plus all the different climates, I feel lucky to know how to navigate my voice and body in order to do my job.”

“SPAMilton” has already made its way through Cleveland, Ohio and is now scheduled to tour through Las Vegas, Boston and Tampa.

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