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Here to Help: Print Services

Sept. 30, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

here to help

Story by: Jamol Simon

“Here to Help” is a series focused on educating students on all the services available at Sam Houston State University. Many times students are unaware that these services are often offered at no cost with a Bearkat OneCard. Visit today@sam/HereToHelp to find the list of stories highlighted so far. If your department or student service would like to be featured for a future story email

The campus of Sam Houston State University is home to thousands of hardworking students and it is committed to making sure every student has the necessary resources available to them to succeed.

Print Services, located in the Thomason building suite 101, is one of the many resources that students have at their disposal. Services are available to all students for the purposes of student organizations, projects, events and general, pre-approved advertising on campus.


Justin500The team specializes in producing just about anything you could need like programs, posters, magazines, flyers and brochures just to name a few. As you could imagine, the facility is constantly working on many jobs at once so printings do require advanced notice to give the team enough time to complete your print.

Assistant Director of Print Services Lori Proctor has worked in Print Services for 14 years and has produced thousands of prints for the campus during her time here.

“Since last September we’ve done over 1,700 jobs,” said Proctor. “We expect that to exceed 2,000 jobs a year.”

The Print Services team is dedicated to providing the best assistance when it comes to printing, but they also share another goal.

“We love to protect the image of the university by making sure the quality of what we print is the highest standard,” said Proctor. “Our goal is to reflect the university to the highest standard.”

Elaine500Most of the flyers, posters and programs that are seen on campus come from print services so it is safe to say that just about every student on campus is familiar with their work. Print Services also consider students’ income when creating the pricing for their prints. Using their on-campus resource would end up saving you a few bucks.

“Our prices are lower than the average market pricing,” said Proctor. “We know that’s one of the biggest benefits for students, faculty and staff.”

While the facility does remain busy all year long, the employees try their hardest to complete the jobs in a timely manner and always deliver. Anyone who sends a print job their way is allowed to come to Print Services and see the printing process.

“Anyone is welcome to come in and watch,” said Proctor. “I see it daily so I’m used to it, but it always amazes the students who do come by. They find it so intriguing.”

You can contact print services at 936-294-1856 or

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