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Professor Publishes Children's Book To Inspire Young Readers

June 25, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

BookCover450Anthony J. Harris, professor of Education in the Department of Educational Leadership at Sam Houston State University, has published his third children’s book, “The Adventures of Little Mikey.” The chapter book, written for ages 8-11, features boys as the main characters and their adventures lead to learning valuable lessons about consequences and making good decisions and choices.

“Oftentimes, boys don’t read or don’t like to read because there are not enough age-appropriate books that hold their attention and interest,” Harris said. “I think this book will add to the body of children's books that try to re-introduce or introduce boys to the joy of reading.”

Harris, who has worked at Sam Houston State for nine years now, says that he has already seen his books pique the interest of children in reading. In his spare time, Harris mentors groups of African American and Hispanic boys in both Madisonville and The Woodlands, and they ask about “little Mikey” often.

“Nearly every time we met, they asked to read chapters from the book, stating emphatically that they liked Little Mikey and wanted to read more about him,” Harris said. “Anytime we can get kids to want to read, we have done so much to enhance their future life and career options.”

Although they are children’s books, Harris hopes those who read them will carry the life lessons into their college years and beyond.

AnthonyHarris“The stories teach children that they can simultaneously enjoy their adventures and be responsible,” Harris said. “The lessons are universal and transcend age. The principle lesson is that when we make a mistake, it is important to admit to the mistake, apologize or seek forgiveness, and finally, make the effort to not repeat the mistake. The other lesson for college students is that there is nothing mutually exclusive about having a good time and making good decisions.”

Harris has now published nine books in total, including three children’s books and all can be found at The “Adventures” book will also become a series, as Harris says he will be writing much more about Little Mikey in the coming years. Reading, writing and learning will always remain a passion for Harris.

“As a professor in a department that prepares leaders for public education and higher education, I consider it critically important and ethically necessary that students learn from a full array of books that can better prepare them for leadership in a society whose demographics are rapidly shifting,” Harris said. “That is the constant theme in most of my books - try to learn as much as you can about as much as you can, especially the historical and contemporary racial landscape of education in our country.”

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