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Here To Help: Career Services

Nov. 13, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

heretohelpc (1)Story by: Jamol Simon

“Here to Help” is a series focused on educating students on all the services available at Sam Houston State University. Many times students are unaware that these services are often offered at no cost with a Bearkat OneCard. Visit today@sam/HereToHelp to find the list of stories highlighted so far. If your department or student service would like to be featured for a future story email

j4kSam Houston State University is dedicated to assisting students in jump-starting their careers after leaving campus and ranks as one of the highest in the state for alumni in the work force within 12 months of graduation. Career Services, is just one of the many resources that helps prepare students for the professional world. This free service sets up Bearkats for success by providing quality resources, programming and compassionate support needed to educate and empower students and alumni to achieve a life-long fulfilling career.

Students often struggle to choose a major with seemingly unlimited career options to pursue, it is only natural to want a bit of guidance. Career Services offers career assessments to help students decide which occupational field is best suited for them. It is never too early to start planning for the future, especially when it comes to your education and potential career.

Once a major is chosen, Career Services provides career counseling, giving students the tools they need to navigate their field. According to Director of Career Services Pam Laughlin, there are counselors available for many different career paths.

“We have six career counselors on staff and expect to add another position so that all seven colleges have a designated career counselor to serve their students,” Laughlin said.

resumeWhen students have decided on a career path or major, Career Services conducts mock interviews and resume writing to prep for the real thing.

Laughlin aims to make all students feel comfortable about utilizing the resources in Career Services.

“Students come in our office feeling a bit intimidated because they think they should already know how to write a resume, interview or decide upon a major or career,” Laughlin said. “We do not judge anyone. Wherever they are in the process of career preparation, we meet them there. That is our job.”

All students and SHSU alumni are welcome to use any of these resources if they need guidance, but Career Services does not place students in jobs.

“Another misconception is that we place students in jobs, either a part-time job on campus or an off-campus full-time job and this is not what we do,” Laughlin said.  “Our main goal is to assist students in becoming career ready.”

One of the newest resources added to campus by Career Services is the Reba Bock Career Closet. With this new addition, students are able to choose from an assortment of donated business attire.

The goal of the closet is to ensure that financial status does not hinder students’ opportunities to attend professional events such as job interviews or career fairs. Students are allotted four free items a year with the use of their Bearkat OneCard.

Career Services is located in Academic Building IV, Suite 210 and there is a location in the Woodlands Center campus, Suite 410 D.

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