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Student Director's Short Film Wins Big

March 22, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

Written By: Brianna Smith

IMG_1532Losing a loved one can be a challenging chapter in an individual’s life. Sam Houston State University film major, Richard Dillon Glass has recently taken on the project of conveying these feelings of loss through his recent short film, “The Burden of Choice.”

Featuring students and alumni from SHSU’s College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication, “The Burden of Choice” follows a young man who takes a dark and destructive path whilst coping with the loss of a loved one.

Glass hopes for viewers to take away an important message from this film with a sense of purpose and knowledge that all lives matter despite the amount of pain and struggles we face.

“We all have a purpose in this world,” Glass said. “No amount of pain and struggles will change the fact that our lives matter and we are worth it. You might not know what it is right now or maybe you lost sight of it due to life throwing you curveball after curveball, but you always have and always will have a purpose in this world. We must choose to continue on, to fight for and seek out our purpose.”

With such an important message to convey, Glass was tasked with casting actors who could accurately portray the emotions embodied in the film.

While going through the casting process, I focused on finding actors that genuinely portrayed the raw emotions of struggling with pain and navigating through it,” Glass said. “My goal was to build a connection between the audience and the characters, showing that we all are or have been just like them."

The process of creating a short film can take several months, from preparing the script to scouting locations, and final edits.

“It took around four months from start to finish. One month of writing the script and making adjustments to the story. Two months of pre-production, which included: casting, bringing together a film crew, location scouting and scheduling. Three days of filming and one month in post-production, which included: coloring the footage, editing and music selection.”

With such a strong message, it’s no wonder this film has received many awards and recognition:

  • Best Drama – Student Film at the Oniros Film Awards
  • Best Drama – Student Film at the Lionshead Film Festival
  • The Silver Lei Award in the Student Film category at the Honolulu Film Festival
  • A Silver Remi Award at Worldfest Houston under the Student Film & Video – College Level category
  • Honorable mention at the Global Film Festival Awards
  • Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest

glass4_1Looking back on the success the film has had over the last year, I can’t help but feel extremely thankful. If it wasn’t for my time at SHSU, this story and the message I wanted to share would never have happened. My professors, friends and peers all had a hand in this film; both on and off screen.”

Glass released his second film “Sunrise” October 2018, which follows a man who finds love when he thinks all hope is lost. The film has recently won Best Romance at the Oniros Film Awards. His current film “Whispering Winds” is in post-production and scheduled for release this spring.

Following graduation in May 2019, Glass plans to move Los Angeles where he will begin his career in the TV and film industry.

“I want to thank my family and friends. If it wasn’t for their unwavering support I wouldn’t be in the place I am today. Their words of encouragement have pushed me to follow my passion and for that, I will always be grateful,” Glass said.

“The Burden of Choice” can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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