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Faculty Recognized At 15th Annual Academic Awards

Oct. 14, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

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SHSU faculty members who have attained significant honors and achievements during the year were recently recognized at the 15th Annual President's Academic Awards Dinner. The event was held in the LSC Ballroom and featured an “under the big top” theme. 

Photos by Stefanie McDonough ’03, Light Rae Photography


Those recognized as new associate professors with tenure included: (from left): Carla Jones, Management, Marketing and Information Systems; Mae Lane, Teaching and Learning; Kristina Vargo, Teaching and Learning; Audrey Murfin, English; Nara Martirosyan, Educational Leadership; Corinna Cole, Teaching and Learning; Baburhan Uzum, Teaching and Learning; Melinda Weathers, Communication Studies; Katherine Mueller, Newton Gresham Library; Maria Feu-Lopez, World Languages and Cultures


Those recognized as new associate professors with tenure included (from left): Ryan Randa, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Erin Orrick, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Frank Creghan, Teaching and Learning; Melissa Mednicov, Art; Daniel Saenz, Music; Deborah Popham, Music; Samuel Adu-Prah, Geography and Geology; Christian Raschke, Economics and International Business; Mark Anderson, Agricultural Sciences

Not pictured: Min An, Computer Science; Traci Austin, General Business and Finance; Julie Herron, Teaching and Learning; Taylor Martin, Mathematics and Statistics; Jason Riley, Management, Marketing and Information Systems


Those recognized as full professors included (from left): Kyle Stutts, Agricultural Science; Carroll Nardone, English; Linda Zientek, Mathematics and Statistics; Luis Garcia-Puente, Mathematics and Statistics; Joel Walker, Physics; Aneika Simmons, Management, Marketing and Information; Lee Miller, Sociology; Kyle Kindred, Music

Not pictured: Andrea Foster, Teaching and Learning; Kenneth McIntyre, Political Science; Justin Williams, Biological Sciences


Those recognized as full professors with tenure included (from left): Sanjeev Choudhary, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics; Tony Boutte, Music

Not pictured: Joshua Bronfman, Music; Chase Young, Teaching and Learning


Retiree Award recipients included (from left): Leonard Breen, Teaching and Learning; William Carroll, Political Science; Dana Nicolay, Dance; Joseph Kavanaugh, Management, Marketing and Information Systems; Roger Abshire, Marketing and Information Systems; Kathryn Daniel, Music; Anne Stiles, Nursing; Janis White, Family and Consumer Sciences; Rafael Saumell-Munoz, World Languages and Culture

Not pictured: Marsha Harman, Psychology and Philosophy; Kathy Hill, General Business and Finance; T.C. Sim, Psychology and Philosophy

Recognized for his Distinguished Professor Emeritus designation was Rowland Miller of the Department of Psychology & Philosophy (not pictured).


Those recognized as Emeritus Professor included (from left): William Carroll, Political Science; Dana Nicolay, Dance; Kathryn Daniel, Music; Bill Hyman, Population Health; Roger Abshire, Management, Marketing and Information; Rafael Saumell-Munoz, World Languages and Cultures

Not pictured: Jerry Bruce, Psychology and Philosophy; Brian Chapman, Tries/Research; Marsha Harman, Psychology and Philosophy; Phil Swicegood, Language, Literacy, and Special Populations; Christopher Wilson, Psychology and Philosophy


2019 Faculty Excellence Award recipients who were recognized included (from left): Paul Child, English; Stanley Kelly, Agricultural Sciences; Aaron Lynne, Biological Sciences; Nancy Stockall, Special Education


Scott Chapman in Mathematics and Statistics was recognized as Texas State University System Regents’ Professor.

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