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Analemma Dilemma: The Bearkat Brainteaser

Jan. 24, 2019
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

51189005_2541039849245329_7210833340717334528_nAs part of the Lowman Student Center expansion artist Dan Phillips completed a mosaic filled with works about Sam Houston State University. The interesting medallions form a figure eight outside the level one atrium and celebrate different departments across SHSU. 

"The whole profile of this pergola is in the shape of an analemma," Phillips said. "Which is the pattern that the sun makes in a year's time." 

Flying Carpet Creative designed and fabricated the metal canopy that helps the series of 60 mosaic medallions complete the analemma. But the dilemma for Bearkats comes in the form of a riddle. 

51221248_2541040162578631_5457575184514940928_o"I spoke with many departments and programs at the university to get ideas for the medallions, and there is a puzzle here," Phillips said. "A lot of the riddles you will pick up the answer just from the posting of the question. Even Mensa folks would slam through about 85 percent of this, right away, no problem. But there are about 15 percent that you have to be right on site of the mosaics to find out what the answer is."

Anyone who takes on the riddle has quite a challenge ahead according to Phillips. Those who do get the answers, are instructed to submit them to Rob Webber, the director of the Lowman Student Center, in suite 311 of the LSC.

"I wouldn't want you to skip your homework staring at this wall," Phillips said. "But you would learn a lot, actually, if you stare at the wall long enough."

The only clue to go along with the mosaics on the wall is in the code below. Good Luck!


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