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A Seed Sprouted: Reader Program Announces Contest Winners

March 9, 2018
SHSU Media Contact: Emily Binetti

Common Reader

The Sam Houston State University First-Year Experience Office has awarded more than $6,000 in student scholarship opportunities in categories spanning art, music, poetry, film, research, education, science and literature, as part of the Fall 2017 Common Reader contests based on the Common Reader selection, “The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities,” by Will Allen.

The SHSU Common Reader program provides a campus-wide common intellectual experience, leading to informed and educated perspectives about complex subjects.

“These winners each submitted work in very competitive contests,” Kay Angrove, director of First-Year Experience and Student Success Initiatives said.  “Their work was exemplary and we encourage all students to take a look at the winning pieces and to participate in the spring scholarships offered this month.” 

Below are the other winners and their submissions in each competition for Fall 2017.


Poetry/Lyric Contest

First-Time Freshman

Good Food Revolution, by Kevrin Flood

Good Food Revolution


The truth be told;

Not to be sold

Growth appears mentally, spiritually and physically,

To brighter heights

Enabling the brains physical sight.

A man born to return to his soil

Unlocked a field of fresh knowledge to help us all.

Singing spiritual hymns to get us through the day;

Great grandmother Betty always provided a way.

Don't be afraid to experience something new;

Will Allen showed us with just his few.

Now look at what urban farming has become;

Showing major improvements from when his mom slaved

In the sun.

Coming from picking cotton and asparagus was becoming

more of a reason that's not obvious so bad;

Got Will Allen produce the healthiest crop and agriculture

one has ever had.

That's why "The Good food revolution" encourages everyone to rise.

Loosen those trapped minds and go for the skies,

Being trapped in your mind will only induce more strife;

Return to your culture and aid to encourage one’s life.

Going back to agriculture became a whole new view

By educating the community on something they had no clue.

Leaving the land for self-improvement,

Could this have defiled the African race reform movement?

Will Allen

our urban agriculture stallion.




Food Ceiling, by Jonathan Brown

Food Ceiling 

In dirt is life,

But for most minorities, life is strife-

Jim Crow said separate the lesser, snuff out the flame

But rather made us stronger, distinguished, created black leaders;

Who were presented a challenge and then said, “I’m game”

Education is the great equalizer

Didn’t catch that? let me tell you again

Cause through it, on page 5, comes African American’s most exceptional men


Will helps the blind to see

that the problem isn’t always within you and me

But in the industry

We’re all chained and leashed

Placed in a box with locked doors

But from within we will find a key

Rest in peace to the broken institutions

And hello new generations with new views and solutions

Then we all gone eat, and now that I think about it, what it means to me

Is that it’s called a fast food chain because they got their methods from slavery


We pretend to be the 1%, that’s why suicide doors, is what we’re whippin

We’re still learning it’s okay to be different

It’s okay to be black, educated, and gifted

Just stop and listen, one problem we can solve right now is in the kitchen

Art Contest

Best in Show Cale

Best in Show

Cale Herell, Studio Art


Second Place

Asic Mitchell, Studio Art

Brenda Cruz-Flores

Honorable Mention

Brenda Cruz-Flores, Psychology


Film Contest

Best Film

A Recipe for Success, directed by Jordan Brown, Mass Communication


Special Award

Farming Followers, directed by Brackston McKnight, Agricultural Business


Honorable Mention

Order 407, directed by Daniel Williams, Computer Animation


Growing Together: Thinking Through Deliberative Dialogues

Team 1:
Barbara Flores-Sandoval, Biomedical Studies

Andrea James, Family & Consumer Sciences
Lorena Mena, Criminal Justice
Jordan Newsome, Biology

Team 2:
Akwasi Anokye, Management
Avery Hawkins, Criminal Justice
Joshua Lewis, Biomedical Studies
Josue Medina, Computer Software Engineering Technology

Research Poster

First Place

Isabelle Frakey, Music

Essay Contest

First Place

Ryle Novicke, Public Health

Honorable Mentions

Emma Berthelsen, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jacqueline Jimenez, Forensic Chemistry
Lauren Konecny, Kinesiology
Bethany Leander, Interior Design
Ka’Darius Ross, General Business


March deadlines for over $4,000 in scholarships for the spring 2018 SHSU Common Reader Scholarship contests are quickly approaching.


For more information, please contact: Kay Angrove (Ext. 4-3423;

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