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Creating The Set For "A Macbeth"

Dec. 3, 2018
SHSU Media Contact: Brianna Smith


The Theatre and Musical Theatre Department at Sam Houston State University gives great opportunities for students in all areas of theatre. For many students their experience extends not only into being cast in the production, but into the creation of a production as well.

Senior Rhiannon Pletcher is a great example of this creation process that so few individuals see. Pletcher recently had the task of creating the set design for an adaptation of the Shakespeare classic tragedy, “A Macbeth”, directed by Tom Prior.

FAMC: What was your inspiration for the making of the set of “A Macbeth”?

RP: Drawing on the definitions of minimalist and timeless, that’s the two words my director gave me. How do I take this medieval show and turn it into something that doesn’t have a time period? I was having to research medieval shapes, structures and styles and put them in the story with a sort of modern build, modern materials to give that kind of look.

FAMC: What did you note from the original setting of “A Macbeth” and how did you implement this in your design?

RP: I researched at the time it was the Celtic and Druidic societies taking hold in this land, and banquet halls were very prominent things for royal families. So, I had to research how do I make this space look like a banquet hall and still stick to the Celtic Druidic symbols that were prevalent in Scotland at this time.

FAMC: What was it like being student and having the responsibility of creating the set of such a known play?

RP: It’s definitely really stressful, because “Macbeth” is one of those plays that everyone knows, or you’ve done something in school about it, or you know a little something about it. So, it was taking the idea of everyone knows this play, but how do I make it my own and how do I still make it like everyone’s going to know that we’re still doing “Macbeth” and that we’re still set in these locations.

FAMC: What are some of your expectations of the overall production?

RP: I think it’s going to be a really captivating production. Tom’s a fantastic director and he’s really helped to bring this whole creation to life. My set’s finally coming to life so that’s a big bonus finally seeing everything come together.

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