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August 2, 2018
SHSU Media Contact: Rebecca Gay


Through family and community encouragement, Christian Teague knew attending college was important and a goal he should set for himself. During his time at DeSoto High School, he was enrolled in criminal justice focused classes. When considering a college major, he initially felt criminal justice would be his career path because of his exposure to the field through those courses. He learned Sam Houston State University was known for their criminal justice program and decided to pursue this option. Throughout high school Teague participated in band, but he began participating in more band related activities and competitions his senior year; taking advantage of the opportunities band provided. After a conversation with DeSoto High School’s band director about his potential, Teague determined music was truly his passion and what he should pursue at SHSU.

On his first visit to campus, Teague met with one of his future saxophone professors who informed him that having a quality saxophone would prove beneficial during his college career. Knowing it was something needed to be successful, his family was willing to make the purchase. Much to their surprise, their church community took up a collection to provide him with the instrument.

While his family and community supported him in the journey to higher education, they were unable to provide him with the first-hand knowledge and experience needed to navigate admissions, financial aid, registration, and on-campus housing to name a few.

“Had it not been for my admissions counselor it probably would not have happened, there would have been challenges,” Teague said.  

As a first-generation student, Teague knew college would have its challenges and adopted the mindset of not wanting to disappoint his family and community back at home. He participated in the Bearkat Learning Community as a freshman and quickly adjusted into the campus community. He also became a member of SH Elite; a program that promotes the academic and civic engagement of African American and Hispanic men through various resources that specifically focus on academic, professional, and personal development, leadership development, and service engagement. Teague described his experience in these two programs as “having mentors telling you to excel, but also providing the tools needed to do so.”

In addition to his coursework, Teague joined student organizations outside of the School of Music and began working as an Orientation Leader. He enjoyed being busy and meeting many types of students.

With the resources and support offered by SHSU, Teague said, “There is no reason for you to not be successful.”

Christian graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Music from the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication. Because of his experiences at Sam Houston and the faculty and staff who supported him through his college career, he will begin a Master of Education program with a major in Student Affairs in Higher Education. The program focuses on preparing students to work in post-secondary and higher education student support services. When asked why his career path had shifted once more, he said “to help people the way I was helped, to serve as a mentor to help guide them.”

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