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Communication Studies Students Present Research In Nashville

April 19, 2018
SHSU Media Contact: Emily Binetti

Chance Emilia Kyanna 630

Two Communication Studies students recently presented research they conducted in their Qualitative Communication Research class at the Southern States Communication Association convention in Nashville, TN.

Emilia Rogers and Kyanna Washington had their papers selected for the Undergraduate Honors Conference out of 134 papers submitted from the Southeast U.S. region.

Chance Young, a co-author with Emilia Rogers, also attended the conference. Both papers also were selected as Top Five Papers for the conference. The UHC has been held within the SSCA convention for over 25 years to attract the top undergraduate communication students across the Southeastern U.S.

Melinda Weathers, who taught the students’ class in Fall 2017 in which the papers were produced feels strongly that her students’ work received the recognition it deserved.

“I’m very proud of Emilia, Chance and Kyanna. Their hard work throughout the semester paid off with a Top Five Paper award at SSCA,” Weathers said. “This is a great honor for an undergraduate student. They now have conference presentation experience that they can add to their resume and discuss with a potential employer or graduate school program.” 

 “Both the panel respondent and the audience members had high praise for their papers. After the presentation, they were even approached by directors of graduate programs with information about continuing their studies.”

The COMS 4392 class was a hands-on course designed to help students develop an understanding of qualitative communication research methods and designs. It focused on the identification and creation of research problems, the development of designs, actual data collection, and analysis procedures to address those problems.


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