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Faculty Recognized At 14th Annual Academic Awards

August 22, 2018
SHSU Media Contact: Emily Binetti

SHSU faculty members who have attained significant honors and achievements during the year were recognized at the 14th Annual President's Academic Awards Dinner on Aug. 21. The event was held in the LSC Ballroom and featured an evening in Greece theme.   Photos by Brian Blalock                                   


Those recognized as new associate professors with tenure included (from left): Andrey Koptelov, Curriculum and Instruction; Victoria Hollas, Curriculum and Instruction; Jaime Coyne, Curriculum and Instruction; Dionne Noble, Dance; Bing Zhou, Computer Science; Jalene Potter, Curriculum and Instruction; Nam Young Kim, Mass Communication; Nathan Koch, Music; Kamphol Wipawayangkool, Management, Marketing, Information Systems; Mary Funck, General Business and Finance; Cassy Henderson, Accounting; Nicolas Lantz, English; Philip (Ryan) Saucier, Agricultural Sciences.

Not pictured: Lisa Brown, Curriculum and Instruction; Brandy Doleshal, Mathematics and Statistics; Patricia Durham, Language, Literacy and Special Populations; Dustin Gross, Chemistry; James Harper, Biological Sciences; Peggy Holzweiss, Educational Leadership; Sheree Hughes-Stamm, Forensic Science; Forrest Lane, Educational Leadership; Wesley Phelps, History; Christopher Reutzel, Management, Marketing, Information Systems; Zachary Valdes, Newton Gresham Library; Rebecca Wentworth, Curriculum and Instruction; Jeffrey Wozniak, Biological Sciences


Those recognized as full professors included (from left): Dustin Jones, Mathematics and Statistics; David Saxon, Educational Leadership (promotion to full professor with tenure); Taehee Kim, Art; Ling Ren, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Rhonda Callaway, Political Science; Jin Young Choi, Sociology; Frieda Koeninger, World Languages and Cultures; Helen Berg, Language, Literacy and Special Populations; Holly Weimar, Library Science; Ananda Manage, Mathematics and Statistics; John Lane, Music; Chad Hargrave, Biological Sciences; George Moore, Educational Leadership

Not pictured: Joan Bytheway, Forensic Sciences; Brian Domitrovic, History; Hui Fang, Physics; Ruth Massingill, Mass Communication; Velvet Nelson, Geography and Geology; Mary Petron, Language, Literacy and Special Populations; Christopher Randle, Biological Sciences; Emily Roper, Kinesiology; Chi Chung Yu, Forensic Science


Recognized for his Professor Emeritus designation was Sam Sullivan, Curriculum and Instruction.


Retiree Award recipients included (from left): Joe Muller, Professor, Agricultural Sciences; Sylvia Taube, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction; Barbara Polnick, Professor, Educational Leadership


2018 Faculty Excellence Award recipients who were recognized included (from left): Edie Wells, Art; Jihong “Solomon” Zhao, Criminal Justice; Bala Maniam, General Business and Finance; Ronny Daigle, Accounting


Scott Chapman in Mathematics and Statistics was recognized as Distinguished Professor.

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