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Inter-Professional Program Created For Health Sciences

March 15, 2017
SHSU Media Contact: Tyler Pointer

Sam Houston State University’s College of Health Sciences recently received a monetary grant to bring its Departments of Kinesiology, Nursing and Family and Consumer Sciences together in a pilot study for inter-professional simulation.

The project, Assessing Inter-Professional Education in Healthcare Professions, is designed to teach nursing, athletic training and food science and COHS630nutrition students to work in health care teams and become adjusted to professional environments, in which they will later be involved while working in the medical field.

“Teamwork in medical professions is critical,” said Mary Williams, assistant professor of kinesiology and Athletic Training Program director. “Essentially, all health care is delivered by a team of individuals. Therefore, there is a high need for having students in health care professions learn to work together as a part of their formal education.”

“Future professionals need to learn about the skills of each profession on the team,” said Simone Camel, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences and Didactic Program in Dietetics director. “Providing these experiences at this level will allow students to transition successfully into the workplace.”

The Office of Academic Planning and Assessment at SHSU offered the grant in the amount of $1,000. These grants are provided to help fund staff and faculty projects or assessments, or to help in travel fees for staff and faculty to make assessment-related presentations at professional conferences, according to Williams.

“As we do not have a specific budget for IPE events, this funding will help us to have an IPE event among these programs,” Williams said. “Support from this grant will assist us in gathering and analyzing data related to the IPE event that we are planning for this semester.”

Assistant Director and Associate Professor of Nursing Kelly Zinn believes that the IPE program is extremely invaluable for students entering the medical field.

“With the development of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, the university will be able to graduate students who more fully understand the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork,” Zinn said. “Working across disciplines is mandated by The Institute of Medicine, accreditation organizations, and is an important aspect for quality, safe and cost-effective health care for patients, families and communities.”

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