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Woodlands Center To Host Interactive Health Fair

March 23, 2017
SHSU Media Contact: Tyler Pointer

Story by Tyler Pointer

Sam Houston State University’s Woodlands Center invites students, faculty and staff to attend its annual health fair on Tuesday, March 28, from 4-7 HealthFairFlyer630p.m., in the Atrium and East Commons area to increase health awareness in a fun and interactive way.

The theme of the health fair is “95210,” meaning nine hours of sleep, five servings of fruits and vegetables, two hours maximum of screen time, one hour of physical activity, and zero consumption of sugary substances or tobacco products per day, and its purpose is to highlight important health messages in unique perspectives, according to Emily Roper, associate dean of the College of Health Sciences and associate professor of Kinesiology.

“The purpose of the fair is to increase awareness by providing health and wellness related activities, materials and information to students, faculty and staff at The Woodlands Center” Roper said.

The event will feature stations from various departments and organizations within The Woodlands Center, SHSU’s main campus in Huntsville and the surrounding community including the Student Health Center, Family and Consumer Sciences, the Student Dietetic Association, the LIVESTRONG Foundation, the School of Nursing, and more.

Roper believes that they are multiple benefits for those who come to the fair, which will have a vendors speaking about various aspects of health and wellness.

“One of the benefits is to increase the awareness of health and wellness related resources that may be available on campus, but also to engage students in an activity-oriented health fair–one that motivates students to think about health and wellness in a different way,” Roper said. “It’s not a passive look-and-see health fair; participants are encouraged to provide a hands-on teaching activity or message in their booth.”

Edward Gisemba, assistant director of Wellness Programs, and his department will have multiple interactive stations at the fair including those discussing tobacco use and excessive sugar intake, risky sexual behavior and social media usage.

“TWC serves a large amount of students that live outside of Huntsville,” Gisemba said. “One of the things we will be doing is making students aware of the resources in Montgomery County that they can utilize to improve their health and the services that are available to them at a low cost as SHSU students.”

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